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Friday, March 5, 2010

Paige Taylor's New Release "MR. RIGHT-NOW" is smokin' hot!

Paige Taylor is so excited to announce she has a new erotic romance out with Ellora's Cave! It's called MR. RIGHT-NOW and it's smokin' hot!

"Kate Gentry is always the bridesmaid, never the bride. When her best friend asks her to be maid of honor, it just reminds her of how crappy her luck is when it comes to finding her own Mr. Right.

Her friends point out she’s trying too hard to find Mr. Right instead of having fun with Mr. Right-Now. They convince her to put her search for the perfect man on hold and have some meaningless sex with a hot guy.

Kate takes their advice and propositions the gorgeous best man, Dawson McKenna. When he eagerly agrees, she finds herself doing things she never dreamed of doing—spanking, bondage and some amazing anal sex!

Despite knowing Dawson isn’t supposed to be Mr. Right, Kate finds herself falling for him big time anyway. But since she was the one who made the rules, how can she now tell him she wants more than just a weekend fling?"

Read an Excerpt! http://www.paigetylertheauthor.com/ExcerptMrRightNow.html

Watch the Trailer! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRo-r_ZSoww

Buy it from Ellora's Cave! http://www.jasminejade.com/p-8117-mr-right-now.aspx

And for a sneak peek at GOOD COP, BAD GIRL Paige Taylor's upcoming release from Ellora's Cave, visit her website at http://www.paigetylertheauthor.com
Click on "Coming Soon!"

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