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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mistress Journals brings you “Lord Skycladd’s Crypt of Seductions"

Mistress Journals brings you “Lord Skycladd’s Crypt of Seductions" featuring stories from Author Vanion Skycladd such as "Skycladd's Seduction" and "A Vampire in Vienna" and other paranormal erotic tales to tease and tempt your senses.

Lord Skycladd is one of Mistress Journals' new, dedicated paranormal erotic authors and because of his loyalty in writing exclusively for MJ's, has been awarded a special place for his work.

Join us at Mistress Journals, Gina Kincade's personal "New" Erotic Stories Forum, for these and many other hot stories and poems! Don't miss out!

Excerpt from "Skycladd's Seduction"

For days I have not fed, denying myself the pleasure of a warm throat at my lips.The feel of life giving blood that is my elixir of life. This city has fallen into disrepute in my eyes. Unclean souls walk the streets at night, poisoning themselves with drugs, alchohol, polution. Disease runs rampant, turning the blood bad and spoiling the food I crave.

As a younger vampire I fed upon anything that happened in my path, but experience and a couple hundred years has made me wiser. Many nights I returned to my crypt, my body screaming in discomfort as spoiled blood ran through my veins, my mind clouded with visions of sadness and pain, the memories stolen from whomever I managed to feed on. Contrary to what the humans think we dont feed on fear like the stories and legends that give us our namesake.

We feed on lust...

Lust is our most powerful weapon. Manipulating the obsessions of the body and exposing their fantasys is the key to our survival.

As with all things in evolution we change in order to survive. I learned quickly to smell decay and sickness, and to seek out and recognise the scent of health and purity in the blood. After all, we are what we eat!

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