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Thursday, May 5, 2011

What the hell has medical practice has now become about in Canada?  Do you trust your doctors?

What the hell has medical practice has now become about in Canada?  Do you trust your doctors?

The medical professionals in this town are a complete joke.  They are in it for the money.

In this day and age it seems simple old style logical doctoring has gone by the wayside.  Parental instincts and patient history mean little anymore.
Nurses seem to be more educated and compassionate then some doctors.

This is what happened when my little one got sick and dr. Mom needed additional help.

I took my son to the emergency  room because he has had a fever spike repeatedly to 104 for the last 4 days and there is no clinic where we live.  Mommy was starting to worry.

My son has a history of ear infections like his brother and mother before him and brother after him and I felt he now had passed the typical limit for a common cold diagnosis (what they call a viral infection these days).
On all Tylenol and advil bottles it says "if fever persists longer then 3 days, seek medical attention".  Logical right?

  Our family doc was booked solid and we are an hour away so I was left with little choice this time.

Now, other then my own experience with my childhood ear infections, all 3 son's medical history with same ear issues and simple logic, I am not a doctor but nor have I been wrong in a diagnosis of ear infection in sixteen years since my first child was born and suffered his first.
Or of any diagnosis of myself or my kids in fact.  Ask our family doctor.

 After waiting two hours for a two fifteen appointment and watching my poor little one get more and more uncomfortable as his advil wears off and his fever spikes again the doc refuses antibiotics for my four year old on the premise that in her medical opinion his infection and fever of 104 is a viral infection as he does not appear dehydrated, there is no chest congestion to note and there is quite a bit of wax in his ears preventing her from getting a good look but child is not saying his ears hurt so antibiotics would do nothing. 


then she proceeds to inform me that she expects me to admit him for time consuming and expensive chest xrays and nurse monitoring.  

Did I mention yet that my poor little man is now laying there, very upset with the gag swab they did for strep, other poking and prodding at his little body, thirsty, tired and with a high fever...

I believe some doctors are far too quick to say things are a viral infection when they don't know what the real issue is and so many kids end up suffering because of this.  They are guessing, not doctoring.

Her misdiagnosis, in my opinion, was my first red alert.

Anyway, I refuse to allow her to admit him and to waste medical resources and taxpayer money on that more required by someone who actually needs that type of care if her diagnosis is viral.  My son now wants his medicine, his bed, his juice and his mommy. (He can't drink in case they need to do further testing and has now been without fluids at this point for TWO hours).  I want another opinion.

 She threatens to call child protective services.  
Told her to go ahead as I have done nothing I am not within my legal rights as his mother to do. 
He has not been admitted and her diagnosis does not warrant admittance.

I ask for some advil so I can reduce his fever from this dangerous, possibly convulsive level and get my now extremely uncomfortable child the twenty minute drive home and she tells me she has to admit him so he can be dispensed some advil.  Get real!

Ok, what is she on?  She just said it was viral.  That is her medical opinion.  Why would she admit him for a non bacterial infection??

When you admit a child to a hospital it is most generally for immediate intravenous antibiotics and fluids due to bacterial infections and/or dehydration.  I know this as my sister is a nurse and from enough experience of my own. 

She again says she wants to admit him, I say no...again.  Up until now she has given no reason for logically or medically admitting him.

She then claims to be concerned he might have pneumonia. (since when?  Pneumonia is bacterial and treatable with antibiotics)  WTF?  He is NOT coughing unless he lies down and his nose drains into his throat and chest!  Not congested according to her testing and no mucus is being expelled via his mouth when he does cough.  His minor occasional cough is loose.

AND what... she is now admitting she could be wrong and he could need antibiotics after all?  Hmmmm

Told her again no, I am taking him home and will check in with his regular doctor in the morning or return him to the hospital if he worsens in the meantime.  

We have just wasted another 20 minutes where my child is saying he wants to go home and has still not had and medication for his fever.  My child is suffering. I am getting more worried and now also pissed off.

So instead of cheap antibiotics that may or may not fix whatever the problem really is or giving him some OTC medication she wants to admit him and spend mega bucks on X-rays and nursing care that his mother can do just as easily from home where both the child and Mom (who has fibromyalgia, anxiety, claustrophobia and severe problems with being in hospitals) are more comfortable? But her diagnosis is viral, no antibiotics.

She tells me it doesn't cost me anything so what does it matter.  Since when is this about money for the hospital and not the health of my child??  

Yes, it does cost me and every other taxpayer money here in Canada as we pay a premium on our taxes every year depending on how much we make.  Not to mention I have already wasted my entire day at this hospital to be no farther ahead then I was in my son's care and STILL he suffers!  My time is money as much as hers is.
However, for me money is not the issue, my son is.

I am disgusted when she tells me that she is more worried about my son having the antibiotics and potentially becoming immune to them, which since he has not had any since his last ear infection in December is not physically or medically possible and yet she is allowing him to continue to suffer the high and dangerous fever rather then give him some advil!  (which btw is in the cupboard behind us as the nurse finally gave him some when doc twit finally left the room)

Why is it a so called doctor will order chest X-ray on a four year old, exposing him to radiation and emotional trauma, not to mention he still has this fever that is increasing rapidly at this point, for what she just said was viral rather then write a prescription for antibiotics and let the poor child go home as he wants to?? 

A child btw who has just sat there for two and a half hours now for an appointment made by the emergency dept in the morning that we had to drive back for.  My FOUR YEAR OLD son who now has his fever spike dangerously high in less then an hour because this doctor won't give him advil without admitting him.  

He is now complaining of neck pain and twitching all over the bed moving his head side to side (as he does when he is beginning to get a headache or sore ear) and whose eyes are rolling repeatedly into the back of his head.  And this doctor still refuses him antibiotics or advil and says it is only a viral infection. 

Add to this that once admitted to the hospital, as she now claims she wants but has no medical reason to back her up with her diagnosis as a viral infection, if I wanted to take my child home without the nurse care and expensive equipment monitoring and xrays, thus being against medical advice, this now leaves her the right to question my parenting and call protective services.  

Ok, I am not the stupid one in this situation.
And we entrust our children to these "doctors"??!

Btw, for those who, like me, go with their gut and get the hell out of there and head for home where the advil is...my son is comfortably back at home where he belongs under Dr. Mom's care and if I feel she was wrong in her diagnosis, which I do, when his infection continues after the 5th and 6th day and is still accompanied by the high fever I will take him to see another doctor who will give him some antibiotics for his ear infection.
His younger brother btw is now complaining of ear pain...bacterial infection. Transferable between children who share toys etc.
My gut instincts and natural mother radar, plus physical proof, tell me I am so damn right on my initial thought of ear infection!!  Guess we shall see.

I am waiting to see if she dares to call child protective services as she threatened because if she does... Then I call my lawyer and file a malpractice and harassment lawsuit accompanied by a clause for child endangerment and causing unnecessary suffering to a child.
This will also include using her position as a licensed physician to attempt to illegally influence me to give up my right to parent my son by threatening me with child protective actions without medical necessity.

Let's get it on doc!  Hope you have damn good insurance!

Oh and mental note: never, ever deny a child of mine proper medical attention and piss me off!

And moms, go with your gut.  You don't need a diploma, that obviously is not worth the paper it's printed on, to know your own children and the majority of medical issues like colds and ear infections and when you should get extra help for them from a competent doctor.

Sometimes simple logic and deduction make a better diagnosis then all the equipment in the world.  I call it old style doctoring.  When natural methods no longer work, then it's time for traditional medicine.  Never let anyone tell ya different.

If you ever run into a doctor like this when you feel antibiotics or fever reducers should be on the menu, and one who obviously needs alot more schooling, run!  Run fast and get the hell out of there and go get that second opinion that you and your children are legally, not to mention morally, entitled to!
Have your child seen by a REAL professional rather then one for whom it's all about spending other people's money.

Damn, this doc should have been a politician instead!

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