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Thursday, February 9, 2012

BEWARE of another piracy site!

As forwarded by the original poster...

BEWARE of another piracy site: angieseroticpen.com that plagiarizes work from multiple free erotic stories sites including Literotica, lushstories, lustylibrary and more! Multiple stories stolen & posted as “different” authors on several sites apparently run by AWB Associations - no such legal registration for this company could be found. 

When a writer who was plagiarized by this angiewalkerblue9 came forward and requested their intellectual property be removed from the site, angiewalkerblue9 responded by accusing the writer of being a liar but yet refuses to offer proof for claims of ownership.

The main page text of the angieseroticpen.com website is a modified but almost identical copy of the work created by Penny Peterssen and Gina Kincade in a combined effort for their erotic epublishing company mission statement/main introduction and has been published on the original website owned by the parent company Mistress Journals since 2010.  It is well known that Ms. Kincade and Ms. Peterssen worked to create the introduction, as it appears in the final format on the NNP website, as well as still standing in the original text, before completion, on the first domain owned by NNP for the epub. 

Writers ask angieseroticpen.com aka angiewalkerblue9: If you’ve nothing to hide then why not back your claims with proof of this MS you say you have?  Can’t you just write your own work?  Why steal from others? Shame on you!

NNP and Ms. Gina Kincade sent an email request, to the register of the host of the domain, site owner and billing company, to have the copyrighted property removed from the website but have yet to receive a response.

angiewalkerblue9 refuses cooperation in this matter but yet right own his/her own blog admits on January 31, 2012 to "borrowing" for a facelift on their website done in November!  Previous entries show the same claims of piracy.  The angiewalkerblue9 wordpress blog shows this person does this frequently and is aware it's piracy, expects to be shut down anytime but still does it for the exposure.

angiewalkerblue9, appears to register at several erotic stories sites, claiming to be a male then a female on different sites, favorites multiple authors and then steals their work to post on his/her sites under the guise of different author names.

Shame on you angiewalkerblue9!  Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s yours to take credit for!

Make sure your stories are safe!


When asked Ms. Kincade commented she will happily provide the original, dated documents showing her, Penny Peterssen and NNP (Mistress Journals) as the original author(s) of the introduction content.

End of original message.

Ms. Kincade also had this to say:

"I don't know this person, had never heard of them or their site prior to them following me on twitter the other day.  I mean, really it's quite a form of flattery I guess - that they use my work on their main page - but I'd at least like to get the credit for it ya know?"
One thing that always gets my goat though, is those that call themselves writers when all they do is copy the work of others and then try to profit from it.  It's sick.
I'm actually surprised at their audacity.  They've done very little to cover their tracks.  Of you're going to steal then Geez, don't favorite all the original writers on the stories forums that you plan on copying!  Not exactly what I'd consider a measure of intelligence.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Four Major Things That Can Ruin A Writer's Career

Four major things a writer should NEVER do if they ever hope to succeed in the world of writing:

1. Insult a publisher they are contracted under.
2. Insult a marketing person in charge of promoting their books
3. Insult/put down the editors who are working on their book.
4. Insult the designer creating the cover art for their work.

Do any of these things and you risk being blacklisted as a writer.
Do them all and you have just signed your own guaranteed failure contract.

Follow me for a list of the minor things to accompany this shortly!

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