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Sunday, August 1, 2010

New/More Members for MJ's

Hey all! Hope you are enjoying the great stories and poems Mistress Journals (MJ's) has to offer.

We are always welcoming/looking for new members, so please, tell your friends, your lovers, anyone you feel might enjoy our hot little forum!

Just send them the link http://mistressjournals.co.cc and have them sign up...and don't forget to tell them it's easy and its FREE!

Keep an eye on the Non-Erotic Section for the new stories coming your way that may not have an erotic theme but are perfectly enticing in their plots! The stories will leave you wanting more, they are just that good!

Great reading by some of the best authors I know!!

And of course our Erotic Stories and Poems topics are always rocking with new, hot, exciting, cream in your jeans reading!

Got a question? A story request? A comment about one of the stories or the authors? Drop into the "Discussion" topic and fire away!
There is always admin close by to address any issues or concerns and our authors love feedback!!!

For anyone who hasn't yet, join the "Official Fan Page" Of Gina Kincade

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Have an Erotic Day!

Your Mistress, Gina

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