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Some of my favorite personal quotes..

"Everything I do, everything I am, all that I breathe is 18+ and will contain sexually suggestive material. ~ Gina Kincade 2011

"If you never have any expectations of other people then you will never be disappointed. When a positive experience occurs it is always a reason to rejoice." ~Gina Kincade, 2009

"I have learned, as a rule of thumb, never to ask whether you can do something. Say, instead, that you are doing it. Then fasten your seat belt. The most remarkable things follow." ~Julia Cameron

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dusk of the Blue Moon

Broken, bloody and left drowning in the depths of unyielding depression.

Alone, unloved, and aware of what will never happen.

Heart encased tightly in a coffin of ice, never knowing the warmth of true love.

All pretend, nothing but make-believe; lies until the bitter end.

Wondering why, questioning the satisfaction.  The perverse pleasure recieved by the mind fuck games.

Desperation, infatuation, ridicule and elation.  All go before thee like fireflies dancing in the fading light.

Before the final silent cry, one last scream perpetuates the stillness of this evil, useless life.

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