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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vampires - Silent Killers or Nancy-Boy Emos? by Belthizor

Hello my lovelies and faithful readers,
I bring to you, today, a very special article. Today we look at how modern media has changed the image of the single most dangerous predator - the vampire.

I begin today's article with a look at what tradition deems to be a vampire. According to some (and Wikipedia), Vampires are mythological beings who 'live' by feeding on the very life essence of living creatures. This is characterised in the form of blood. Vampires are said to survive by drinking the blood of living creatures be they animal, human, or even the undead themselves. In many tales, drinking the blood of a fellow vampire is said to provide an even greater energy surge, unlike any they would get from the blood of mortals.

Literary historian Brian Frost believes that the "belief in vampires and bloodsucking demons is as old as man himself". Having said this, the term vampire was not popularized until the early 18th century after an influx of vampire superstition into Western Europe. Indeed, it is Bram Stoker's 1897 novel Dracula that is remembered as the quintessential vampire novel, and remains to this day, my personal favourite vampire myth.

There is just something about a Victorian-era count living all alone in his castle overlooking the township of Transylvania that appeals to me. The fact that Dracula was only ever seen during the night, during which time, he would feed on his hapless victims really sets the scene for mystery, and that is what is the most appealing thing to me about the vampire mythos. Dracula's weaknesses included sunlight (though it did not kill or burn him, just weakened him), a wooden stake through the heart, decapitation and fire were said to kill him. He was also said to have no reflection and be unable to cross running water except at low or high tide, he was unable to enter a place unless invited to do so, once invited, however, he was free to enter and leave at will. He also requires Transylvanian soil to be near him in order to successfully rest and regain his strength. A trait that all but disappears with the modern vampire. Dracula's powers were many, but included hypnosis, shape-shifting, enhanced strength, telepathy, being able to climb upside down vertical surfaces and control nocturnal animals such as rats and wolves. Interestingly, Dracula could also control the weather, usually conjuring up a fog to hide his presence and add to the mystery.

This brings me to modern media's interpretation of vampires. At first, it started off innocently enough - Buffy the Vampire Slayer brought a new flavour to vampires. According to the Buffy series, vampires were demons inhabiting the human shell of their former victim. These vampires carried many of the traits of traditional vampires - they are unable to enter the residences of the living without having first being invited, they can only be killed by fire, beheading, penetrating the heart with a wooden object (most notably, a stake), direct, prolonged exposure to sunlight and blessed/holy items, and they had enhanced senses (strength, speed, etc). However, unlike dear old Drac, vampires in the Buffyverse, have a demonic visage that they can change into at will, and upon their "death" they explode into a cloud of dust. Different, but acceptable.

Next up, we have a series of films of which the first is entitled Underworld. These vampires are seen as being more moral citizens living underground away from the prying eyes of humans and forever feuding with their mortal enemies - werewolves (also known as Lycans from the term Lycanthrope meaning wolf-man, a type of therianthropy which literally translates as beast-man, which alludes to the ability, whether voluntary or involuntary, transformation into an anthropomorphic beast). The vampires in Underworld, like their Lycan counterparts, carry a virus within their genes, that, should a human who is bitten by a vampire survive the virus's initial outbreak, are transformed into a vampire. Biting is not the only method of vampiric 'reproduction' as it is shown that vampires can interbreed with each other and produce vampiric offspring. A vampire's main weakness is, once again, sunlight. Underworld also dealt largely with the politics of being a vampire, something I will not go into at this stage.

Next we have Blade. Vampires were evil beings bearing fangs that turned to ash when 'killed'. Their weaknesses were a severe allergic reaction to silver, garlic and sunlight. A wooden stake through the heart was also said to kill one. Blade introduced us to the Dhampir - half-human, half-vampire having all of the strengths of a normal vampire, and only one of their weaknesses - The Thirst for human blood.

Other authors have re-created vampires to great effect, including Christopher Pike's "The Last Vampire" series, and any vampire book by Anne Rice, however, not all modern day vampires are such marvellous, mysterious wonders.

There was 'peace' among the vampire mythos, until along came author Stephenie Meyer. She re-created the vampire in ways we could not comprehend, and while hugely popular, especially among the pre-teenage audience, found her creations to be largely unpopular with those of use who have grown up with tales of horrifying monsters that feed at night on the blood of living beings. Meyer created Edward Cullen, and may we curse the day that sparkly little emo-freak was created.

Edward Cullen is a vampire who looks just like a regular human boy, albeit with serious complexion issues... that is, until you expose him to sunlight. Edward Cullen, upon sunlight exposure, does not spontaneously combust, nor does he even get a sunburn, let alone a tan... no, boys and girls, Edward sparkles, and he doesn't do it quietly, either. He is always whining about how being a superhumanly powerful creature that feeds off blood is a bad thing. He puts on a woe-is-me attitude and constantly complains about how bad life is, and by constantly, I mean: all. The. God-damned. Time. To the point that you just want him to shut the hell up!

Edward's powers include, super-strength, speed, the ability to read minds and, apparently, the ability to reproduce with mortals, albeit at a high risk of either feasting on the blood of his human companion (something which he has sworn against, and yet still complains that he is dangerous) or else crushing her to death with his "super-strong-penis-o'-death"... at least that's how I see it.

In conclusion, I wish to issue a warning to all you aspiring authors - it is my job to read your stories, and edit for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors, but I also do a mini-review of the stories, and if I see one single sparkly emotionally disturbed vampire with, what I have officially coined as, a "super-strong-penis-o'-death", there WILL be serious repercussions as it simply does not make good fiction... having said that, I DO welcome any and all stories that deal with the execution of the aforementioned emotionally damaged vampire.

Vampires have come a long way from times when they were silent, well-dressed, killers of the night that could keep an entire township under their thrall by mere reputation alone. Is the future of vampires destined to be vegetarian (non-blood drinking, like Edward Cullen), sparkly vampires with severe manic depression to the point of moping about their "super-strong-penis-o'-death" (oh noes!)? For your sake, as well as mine, I seriously hope not.

Until next time,
Keep on writing,
Lord Belthizor, Assistant Editor for Mistress Journals Erotic Stories Forum

[Note: I am not going to include references this time, as all my information came from Wikipedia and I can't be bothered going back over each topic and copy-pasting the web address]

Friday, September 17, 2010

"Time for Time Management" by Belthizor, Assistant Editor of Mistress Journals

Hello my little underlings,

My, it has been a long time since I last wrote on here, and an even longer time since I found the time to edit stories, but fear not, I have not dropped off the edge of the earth... at least not yet. I have recently been making a few changes in my life, and these include studying to be a Community Services Worker.

Naturally, studying has taken up a large amount of my time, as I have been swamped with assessment tasks and trying to work up the courage to face one of my fears, a most common one indeed - public speaking. Dun dun duuun.

So, on with today's article - time management. A skill that is essential in nearly all professions and hobbies. Many of you have a life outside writing, and let's face it, life doesn't stop because you want to do some writing. Here are a few tips to help you manage things better.

Schedules:- writing up a rough schedule for every day can help you manage tasks more efficiently. For example, I schedule my days to work around my studies. Obviously if I've been to class, I'm going to come home and be utterly exhausted, and not want to do homework, however I usually have the next day off, and so I spend my time doing my assignments, scheduling when I do what and for how long. I admit, my time management skills are not the best, and well, we all know how unpredictable life can be. I recently fell ill which put a slight damper on things (out of sheer stubbornness, though, I worked tirelessly throughout the whole time I was sick citing I did not have the time to be sick. This is a perfect example of how NOT to time manage. If you're sick, your well being should always come first!

Rewards:- Whenever you complete a task, you should reward yourself. If you finish a story, for example (after making sure you've saved, and saved again) do something that you enjoy for half an hour before doing the next task. This gives you incentive to work towards the completion of your goal.

Breaks:- Continuing on with the story writing example, don't sit there at your computer for 5 hours straight (for example) writing your story, because the end result will probably see you slumped over your desk face down on your keyboard. Nobody wants to read a story that's been written on no rest and is full of such things as nfeoidknnrseodgnvroeikghvnreklfgnveoslkngviurdnsgviejhfgnvnorgnvoejhngvirkngvolr. Take a 5-15 minute break every half hour or so. Get up. Get away from the computer, go for a walk, make something to eat, whatever you do, do it away from the computer (just make sure to save your progress first!) This clears the mind and gets rid of the cobwebs that will undoubtedly build up in your heads (the ones that aren't already there, as seems to be the case with most writers who seem to have an aptitude for REALLY bad spelling and grammar).

Follow these steps, and you will find that your body and your writing will thank you for it in the end.

Until next time, keep on writing, and I will be back among your ranks in three weeks' time to resume my editing duties plays Chopin's "Funeral March". Muahahaha!

- Lord Belthizor, Assistant Editor of Mistress Journals Erotic Stories Forum
Spelling and Grammar aficionado extraordinaire.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Let Us Advertise Our .co.cc Extension Websites

Please join me in the protest against Facebook's claim* that individual websites have been reported as abusive or spam and not just the extensions.
Join me here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Let-us-advertise-our-dot-co-dot-cc-websites/147513155282055?ref=mf

It is NOT the domains or the hosts as they claim on the Help Center page but the use of the .co.cc extension that follows the website name.

I might add that I failed to see any such notice the other day when I was looking so this must have been added recently as it was just found by my colleague and fellow author Monie Penny. Her site http://between-thesheets.co.cc has also been affected by this FB screw up.

Owners of websites with this extension have contacted FB on multiple occasions in regard to this issue, that has been occurring for over two weeks, and received no response as yet. Why does it give users the option to report that it is an error of they have no intention of checking into it??

Help us fight Facebook's claim and win back the right to post our domain names again. Why should we be forced to buy new ones with a different extention to satisfy FB? This is simply a case of prejudice against an extension not any individual website.
I have proven this by posting the mistressjournals domain on my FB page on multiple occasions without the extention.

Even email addresses with a domain that has this extension are considered invalid by FB. How can they have the right to mass ban simply because these domains share one common factor...The .co.cc extension.

To date both mistressjournals.co.cc and between-thesheets.co.cc have been affected by the error message from FB claiming the website has been reported for abusive content or spam and prevented us from posting a link to our sites.

This is bull, neither site has been directly reported at all but the .co.cc extension has and we know there are many more of you out there with this same problem.

Lets see if we can't finally get FB to sit up and take notice of an issue that seems to have coincided with thier last "fix" and actually DO something about it for once.

Regardless of extension all websites have the right to display their link as long as said "link" not violate the TOS, which our links do not. Fb claims they can not be responsible for the content on these websites and they are right, they can't. But nor can they ban a link to them on that same basis.

Facebook has no legal right to ban a link based on content of the site itself unless said site has directly caused malicious harm or damage to Facebook and/or their servers or equipment through the use of software or virus on the site.

The "link" itself is the only thing on the Facebook site, and in no way does it violate the TOS.
What is next, some error has the .com or .net extension banned...stop this before it becomes out of hand Facebook.

Personally if this continues I can see a major drop off in use of my Facebook account since the primary use of it is for networking for my businesses and if I can't network, then what is the point of it. Guess i will just dust off my old MYSPACE Account.

Hypothetically: (IF it were a direct report of my site)

FB is not a PG 13 site. They do have the issue with some teens making accounts with incorrect birthdays and having access to adult content intended for those 18 years of age and over.

However, if someone has had access to my Mistress Journals Erotic Stories Forum due to a link posted on my FB page it is neither my fault nor that of Facebook but instead that of the parent for not enssuring your child was using his/her facebook account in a way that FB intended for those under 18. Quit blaming others for your lack of interest in what your child is doing and your poor parenting skills.

I personally assure you, I know where my child has been on the internet and what he is viewing, at all times. It's called monitoring, parenting, caring...try it!

Join me here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Let-us-advertise-our-dot-co-dot-cc-websites/147513155282055?ref=mf

*Below is a copy of the information found in the Help Center as posted by Facebook

"I received an error message saying that a link I want to post has been reported as abusive.
You're seeing this error message because the content that you've attem...
You're seeing this error message because the content that you've attempted to post on the site has already been reported as abusive by other Facebook users. You should be able to edit your account if you do not include the offending text or URLs.

If you believe there is no abusive content on the specific website you are trying to post, unfortunately, the web domain that hosts the website has already been identified as abusive. Facebook does not have control over content that is hosted by particular web domains. To request the removal of abusive web pages that may be hosted by this domain, you will have to contact the specific domain provider.
For more information about prohibited content, please visit the Warnings section of the Help Center.

And Facebook, just an fyi...If you intend to update the TOS on a case by case basis for each and every issue you do not want to deal with or do not have an answer for, please make sure that it makes sense. In reading the above statement I can see a number of questions that arise from the particular wording and the obvious attempt someone has made to make it sound "official".

Any updates to the TOS must be made public before they are added in to a multi-user network and expected to be adhered to. No, ignorance is not an excuse but when users are not made aware of changes, especially when they occur after a report of a problem, then violations of added content can not be held against said users.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Mistress Journals Of Gina Kincade is looking for stories/articles to post on our blog.

Pretty much anything that has to do with writing will be accepted.

- Unpublished works by aspiring authors looking for exposure. (Must be ready for publishing. Anything sent in with grammatical/spelling/punctuation errors will be discarded)

- Excerpts from other authors to advertise their current books on Amazon or upcoming new releases.

- Contests, submission calls or even just an advertisement for blog or facebook fan page or web page.

Like I said, pretty much anything goes. Of course erotic/erotic romance/erotic paranormal short stories are always perfect. *wink*

Please email admin@mistressjournals.co.cc with the subject line “Blog” to inquire.

Yours Faithfully,

Lady Gina,The Mistress,
Author Of Erotic and Erotic Paranormal Romance
Founder/Administrator of Mistress Journals Erotic Stories Forum

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