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Saturday, January 2, 2021

New Release! In The Cards (Forevermore Series, Book One) by Ariel Dawn @ArielDawn10 #paranormalromance #witch #magic #pnr #psychic #starcrossed #Forevermore #series #ArielDawnBooks


Read the book that started it all...

In The Cards (Forevermore Series, Book One) by Ariel Dawn

Amazon US: https://amzn.to/38AyZg4

Universal: https://books2read.com/Forevermore1

Paperback: https://amzn.to/3rvW4ZH

A family curse, a powerful warlock bound by love, and a woman bewitched.

Psychic Ember Stone has been dreaming of a blue-eyed, dark-haired man for as long as she can remember. When a man named Derek shows up as her next client, she’s shocked to see he resembles the man in her dreams. Who is Derek, and why does she feel drawn to him?

As secrets emerge and answers come to light, Ember’s feelings for Derek intensify. But on Halloween, a centuries old curse will change everything, requiring a sacrifice neither of them can bear.

Follow Ember, Derek, and their strange connection through the ages as they navigate the haunting secrets that will either bring them together or tear them apart.

#paranormalromance #witch #magic #pnr #psychic #starcrossed #Forevermore #series #ArielDawnBooks

Now available! Casting Magic: The Angela Tanner Files, Book One by C.D. Gorri #YoungAdult #YA #paranormal #CDGorriBooks #TeenWitch #Magic #UrbanFantasy #Witches #eBTTYAGenerations @cgor22


Casting Magic: The Angela Tanner Files, Book One by C.D. Gorri


The reality may change everything...

Things in Northern New Jersey just got a little more intense for Angela Tanner. She is a Witch who hasn't come into her powers yet, but things go full speed ahead when her father is accused of a crime he didn't commit.

Enter Jody Nieves. The tall, dark, and powerful Guardian is sent to fetch her and observe as she tries to clear her father's name. He does more than that, he wakes up a part of her she never dreamed existed.

Can she save her father in time, trust that Jody's attentions are genuine, and discover the truth about her own powers?

Find out in this first installment of the Angela Tanner Files.

#YoungAdult #YA #paranormal #CDGorriBooks #TeenWitch #Magic #UrbanFantasy #Witches #eBTTYAGenerations

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