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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Excerpt from Faith and Fate

Faith leaned up against the shower wall, one leg propped on the side of the tub displaying her pussy to the door I had just walked through. She didn’t even notice that I had come in she was so lost in her moment of passion.

It was hot in the room, steamy from the shower that had obviously been going on for a bit and the mirror above the sink was fogged but the shower doors remained completely clear, as was their design to do.

I could see the soap still on her nipples and sides of her full breasts, tracing a path down her slim belly and down the leg that stood on the floor of the tub. I could see her head thrown back under the spray of water that was gliding it’s way down that slim sexy body. And I could see her belly button ring, the little diamond swaying back and forth with the motion of her hips as she fucked herself with two fingers of one hand and the other flicked at her clit.

I knew I should leave, wanted to really, but I couldn’t. The sight before me was just so fucking hot. My pussy was getting wet just looking at her, watching her pleasure herself.

The heat of the shower had made her skin a pale shade of pink where the faded tan did not reach in her bathing suit, on her mouth watering tits and her succulent looking pussy, now receiving 3 fingers in her frustrated attempt to reach orgasm. She looked almost like she was on the very edge and it still kept eluding her.

I’d had the same issue from time to time and knew just how it felt to be so close but unable to cum, to fall over that edge from suspended bliss to complete sensation.

I watched Faith’s face as she struggled to cum, wanting it so bad she could just about get to the edge but then for unknown reasons was drawn back.

I had worn a simple tracksuit for our Reiki session, since I found it the easiest to relax in, and in a split second I had it off along with my underwear. With a deep breath, and a little hesitation I opened the glass door.

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