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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Like #Vampires? Need a new, wicked read? Check out the delicious Vampire Bites #Book Fair! #pnr #romreads #deals @ginakincade

Like Vampires?
Need a new, wicked read?
Check out the delicious Love Bites Vampire Book Fair!

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Stuff your Kindle with our 99cent Contemporary Romance Book Fair 
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We're sure these are definitely some of the best romance books on Amazon right now, so grab yours and get reading today!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

New Release! Something Different by Kiki Howell! #kindleworlds #paranormaldatingagency #shifters #pnr #witches #werecat

New Release!

Will Sam find her Savior?

Samantha Morgan is an independent witch who owns her own yoga studio. Not at all interested in finding a man for more than a good workout between the sheets, she agrees to a fix up to appease her mother. Enter Gerri Wilder, an old friend of her mother's and owner of the Paranormal Dating Agency. While stories about Gerri's matches are larger than life, Sam thinks she is immune to the woman's gifts in matchmaking.

For Samantha, Gerri tries something different by setting Sam up with Ian Michalson, a wealthy black panther shifter, in order to have her meet a friend of his who is as stubborn as she is when it comes to dating. Gerri claims this mystery man will be her savior, in a metaphorical sense, the one to capture her heart, make her stop fearing love. Only problem is, as she continues to date Ian, a nice enough guy who seems to be more than willing to be in on Gerri's plan, all Sam can do is wonder which of Ian's friends or associates this savior of hers could be, all the while hoping it isn't his bodyguard, Jacob, because her physical attraction to him is dangerously off the charts.

After two weeks of dating Ian, much longer than she ever intended to let this misaligned plan go on, Ian ends up in a war with a rival pride over a business deal. When this rival pride loses the deal, they try to kidnap Sam for revenge and blackmail, thinking her more important to Ian than she is. Yet, it is Jacob, Ian's bodyguard who ends up becoming her literal savior that day. On the run to save her life, one of two things will happen: Sam and Jacob will kill each other in stubborn fights about how to keep her safe, or they will give into whatever has sparked between them.


"Yes, it will, and I know you are looking for something different, and that is what I will be getting you with both men, each in their own way. Trust me."
"I'm not looking for something different. I'm not actually looking at all."
"Which means you are looking for something different. You are done with the dating scene, and so you want something different. What you don't realize is when you find this different, unique if you will, it is then you will fall in love, even if you don't know yet that it's what you are looking for. So, trust me."
I will not, Sam yelled in her own head.
"You keep saying that," Sam protested, "and I'm sure to you that doesn't sound dangerous at all, this trusting you with this crazy idea of dating one guy to meet another. But how is this fair to the first guy? Are you not using him? Isn't this all unethical given you run a dating agency?"
"Yes, in a way, but he owes me anyway. Big time. I will even tell him upfront that it isn't his match, but someone I would like him to meet. I'll even tell him he will be doing me a favor. He won't ask questions. He, unlike you, isn't opposed to playing the field, nor is he opposed to doing a favor for a friend, no matter how extreme the favor may be. He's a good man. This is why I have never had to fix him up yet. He's perfectly content for the time being to be a player. Listen, sweet cheeks, and I'm talking that tight and generous young ass of yours, darling, I know this is one of the craziest, ass-backwards hook-ups I've ever proposed, and I have created some doozies, but I just feel this is the right match, and that this is the only way to make it happen given issues with the other party involved in it. Unconventional? Sure. I'm even breaking one or two of my own rules here. So stop looking at me that way. Yes, I have a few rules. I am a businesswoman, too. But, please, Sam, say you are game to my so-called diabolical plan."
"I would need my head examined to go along with this. It isn't what I signed up for, not that I signed up for anything, but rather was ambushed into it. Regardless of all of that, I was just trying to appease my mom for a bit by agreeing to one date, not some outrageous, and unethical plan to fix me up with one guy in some hopes I will meet another guy around who wouldn't let you fix him up. Hell, maybe I will like the guy. He does sound smart to ignore your intrusions."
When Gerri shrugged, her eyes still sparkling, Sam experienced a sudden wave of exhaustion. Between her two classes this morning, one aerial yoga and the other a power flow class, and now this conversation, it would take a lot more than chocolate cake to wake her up. One glance at her mother's face tugged at her sluggish heart. So, even knowing what it would cost her, she agreed to this string of hellish dates which would force her to go shopping, another drudgery. The cake had better be damn good.
So, she agreed and quickly changed the subject. She figured questioning Gerri about her agency would do the trick. The woman seemed quite the spitfire, so she figured she'd have some amusing tales to tell if she asked her about her most outrageous fix ups to date, beyond hers.
The smell of chocolate filled the air, appeasing the savage beast in her some. With her elbow resting on the counter, she plopped her head into her hand, to listen to tales of romance as her mouth watered, passing the time until she could jam a fork into a piece of cake. While her mother began the ganache and frosting combo she used to layer and ice the cake, Gerri's stories weren't hampered by the mere whirl of the blender. 

New Release! Someone Different by Gina Kincade! #kindleworlds #paranormaldatingagency #shifters #pnr #werebear

New Release!

Find your next book boyfriend in this new shapeshifter paranormal romance by USA Today Bestselling Author Gina Kincade!

Curvy psychologist—and panther shifter—Tallan Walden gave up on men a long time ago. Fed up with the insults and innuendoes about her size making her an easy target for sex, she's pretty much sworn off them for good. She's happy with her life just the way it is.

That is, until Gerri Wilder sets her up on a blind date. He’s gorgeous, he’s funny, and he’s hot for her generous body. Can he be for real, or is he just a better liar than the others?

Yet even if he’s truly the one—as Gerri promises—there’s one more enormous obstacle. No way can Tallan bring a bear home to meet her species-purist mother.

Will Gerri’s magic touch bring Tallan the happiness she now wants, or is she destined to break the PDA’s winning streak?


"Tallan, you are more beautiful than I ever imagined. Your breasts, your hips," he said as he feathered his large hands over each inch of her skin, pinching each beaded nipple between his thumb and forefinger until the peaks stiffened to tight points of aching flesh, eliciting moans and groans from them both. Luke bent his head to the softness of her breast, taking one stiff, straining nipple into his mouth, hot against her swollen globes and sensitive nipples as they thrust hard against his tongue. Gently, he swirled his tongue around the base of the tight bud, then lightly grazed its edge with his teeth.
His soft moan sent shivers of need though her body, set her legs to trembling as he continued the exquisite torture over her other breast. Luke tightened his hold on the thickness of her waist, holding her up when she felt as if her legs had turned to jelly. She could spend the entire night right there, him sucking, eternally sucking the sensitive peaks with her writhing beneath his hands. Nothing she'd ever known before came close to the feel of his mouth on her voluptuous, soft body. Nothing.
She shifted, widened her stance a little in an attempt to regain some of her balance lest she topple over right there, and began to stroke his short, dark hair as involuntary sounds of pleasure escaped her throat. Her chest heaved with deep and difficult breaths as he trailed the tips of his fingers down each side of her body, exploring every curve and valley, combining the sensations of his mouth and hands over her flesh, nearly driving her over the edge right then and there.
"Luke. I can't take it. I can't..."
When he got to the over-heated apex between her thighs, he said only, "Shhhh, it's okay..." then dropped to his knees in front of her. He paused without pulling away, pressed his head against her belly and closed his eyes, his labored breathing evening out a little, the pause of his ministrations helping her quiet her own overwhelming desire. The momentary reprieve didn't last long.
Luke placed soft kisses first on the bottom of her stomach, groaning and growling as he went, his fingers digging into her hips as if it were all he had to hold himself back, remain in control. She wanted to spread her legs for him, but his grasp on her hips forced her to stand still, not move without his consent as he traced his tongue and kisses over her thighs, her mound, her lips, before he looked up at her, dark eyes flashing with the intensity of his own need.

Friday, September 1, 2017

New Release! THRASHER - Book 9 in the Bestselling Enigma Series by Ditter Kellen! #alien #supernatural #romance @DitterTheGreat1

New Release!

THRASHER - Book 9 in the Bestselling Enigma Series by Ditter Kellen.

Are you all caught up?
Be prepared for non-stop action, high energy angst, and a love story that's sure to scramble your emotions! 

Grab your copy now: http://amzn.to/2w4EqSk


Ex-CIA agent Melvin Escabar has sworn to live and die by his honor. Love is a weakness, nothing more. Now he spends his time in the underwater fortress of Aukrabah, working to protect the Bracadytes from the land walkers who will stop at nothing to destroy them. Dubbed “Thrasher" by the Bracadytes, Melvin becomes a blood brother to the giant warriors and would gladly die fighting alongside them. He has no time for love, nor does he want the inconvenient emotion. Until the beautiful Arkadian warrior, Kaspyn, is thrust into his life. Kaspyn is fierce, gorgeous, deliciously deadly… Her very presence threatens to thaw Melvin's icy heart.

As the daughter of a king, the Arkadian princess Kaspyn must adhere to certain rules laid out by her father: never show weakness, die with dignity, and know your enemies. Though the Bracadytes aren’t Kaspyn’s enemies, the humans they consort with are another story altogether. Especially the cocksure Thrasher. His sheer arrogance and dominant ways are enough to set her teeth on edge. Not to mention the human blood that pumps through his veins. No, Kaspyn has no use for the land walker, Melvin Escabar, other than a place to store her blade. But something about him draws her in, disarms her…until he haunts her dreams and every waking thought. All Kaspyn knows is she has to get Melvin Escabar out of her system—or risk losing her heart forever.

"This book was a roller coaster ride of feels for me, featuring all the characters from the previous books! With heart stopping moments that had me gasping and yelling at my kindle!" 
~Angel's Addiction~

Read the Series - http://amzn.to/2vdOcme

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