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Friday, July 22, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Mistress Indie

Here is my first Six Sentence Sunday Contribution for July 24, 2011!

Be sure to check the 6 Sentence Sunday website for more awesome SSS blog posts by the hottest erotic writers!

From my current BDSM Female Domme WIP, Mistress Indie, Enjoy!

The rasping sound of metal on metal captured his attention as he woke from the dream. His movement was suddenly restricted as he went to roll over.

As he opened one eye, the sight of the leather wrist restraints, that attached him to the black iron headboard, was a minimal shock.

Ahh, so his Mistress wanted to play this morning did she?

No sooner had the thought run through his head then he felt his legs being spread apart and secured to either side of the foot rail.

Face down, spread eagle on the bed, he chuckled as the thin white cotton sheet was ripped from his torso.

Watch for more from Mistress Indie and her sister Dommes in the weeks to come!

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