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Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Unstoppable Love" Part 5, by Sammie Dune available now on Between the Sheets

"Unstoppable Love" Part 5, by Sammie Dune. Between the Sheets' resident author of Erotic Horror, can be found in "Uncle Limpy's Lustful Thoughts" at http://between-thesheets.co.cc

Sammie once again throws an incredible twist into the story. From the explanation of what Dr. Mico had done with the homeless people to why they are behaving the way they are and if or how it can be cured.

We also find out what happens between Vicky and Juliet after Juliet picks Vicky up on the side of the road.

Not to mention that we see what happens with Dr. Mico after he escapes and slips in through the broken window that leads into his abandoned laboratory.

Teaser from Part 5 of "Unstoppable Love" by Sammie Dune

Juliet stood frozen, looking the young woman up and down. She had always been a strict heterosexual. Now, however, she began to wonder about all the choices she had made regarding her sexual partners.

She had seen naked women before. In the shower at the gym she belonged to, and her college room mate. And even her sisters a few times. She wasn't a prude. She was just very in control of her morals and actions.

The naked girl standing in front of her, however, was like an alien being. Juliet was simply powerless to stop her from reaching out and taking her hand.

"Your husband is a fool for letting you go." Vicky said as she stepped closer and took Juliet in a tight embrace.

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