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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chapter 3 - Victoria, from Catnip, Rosemary, Rage, and Time - A Gay Male Novel by Pablo Michaels

Chapter 3 - Victoria from Catnip, Rosemary, Rage, and Time - A Gay Male Novel by Pablo Michaels is now available on Mistress Journals for your reading pleasure!

**Michael Jordan aka Pablo Michaels' “Catnip, Rosemary, Rage, and Time” is his first attempted novel and a very good one I might add. ~ Gina Kincade

**Noted by one reader as a "page turner....could not stop reading it!"

**And recent comments "Once again Pablo you have dazzled with your descriptive imagery. I have never been on a ship before but I could see it all so clearly. I want to slap that woman, does she not realize that Billie is not for her.
I look forward to chapter 3. I want to know if Billie and Glen get to sample any of the hot staff."

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Author's Description:

Glenn Talbot and Billie Blake celebrate their tenth anniversary by taking a cruise to Alaska. The entire story is all fluff. With all the blue-hairs and bald-caps aboard ship, they meet up with a cute cabin steward, hunky waiter, and appealing bartender.

The action starts in a Friends of Dorothy Party in the Greek Lounge. Their sexual desires emerge to participate in gay explorations which become explosive throughout the cruise.

The novel might be slow like “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens, but it is important to the romance between Glenn and Billie. There is romance, comedy, suspense, and suggestive sexual involvements.

Paul and Linda Anderson play a cat and mouse game with Billie, who becomes their fall guys for smuggling. Follow the strategy of the Andersons from port to port and back to the home port of San Francisco to successfully transport the diamonds off ship.

Follow the characters as they visit beautiful scenery in Victoria, Alaska, and the gold rush Yukon. Although gold was the treasure sought by travelers at the turn of the 20th Century; diamonds in 2006 are the main object of envy.

Billie and Glenn, much too involved for their comfort, ask when they return home, “What happened to the contraband?”

*************Excerpt from Chapter 3 - Victoria*************

The ring of the telephone jolted both of them from a deep sleep.

“You must have filled out the breakfast menu. Our cute steward is calling to wake us up, isn’t he?”Billie asked, clearing some congestion from the frog in his throat.

“Yes, dear,” Glenn answered, as he stretched in bed. “I thought I’d have him serve us breakfast in bed, naked.”

“Naked; him or us?”

“I haven’t decided yet.”

Billie pulled on a hair from Glenn’s exposed chest.

“Ouch! That hurts.” Glenn winced and pulled the covers over his chest.

“I could always get back under the covers.”

“Only if you try something else.”

“What if Steven comes to the door when we’re occupied?”

“We’ll invite him in to join us.” Glenn chuckled.

“Something’s going to happen; I’m not ready for this.”

“How’s your leg?” Glenn asked, as they both put on their robes.

“Better; just a little sore.”

There were two or three light knocks at the door.

Billie opened the door for Steven.

“Good morning, Billie and Glenn; did you sleep well?” the steward asked.

“Very well, and what delights have you brought us besides yourself?” Glenn joked.

Steven laughed. “Depends on what you had in mind,” he teased.

“Glenn,” Billie commanded with a mock tone of discipline.

“Okay, what did you bring this morning?” Glenn repeated more seriously.

“Fresh fruit, a bagel, a croissant, Danishes, orange juice, and coffee,” Steven said as he set the tray down. “Do you need something else?” He noticed the wheelchair. “Oh, no; what happened?”

Glenn focused on Billie for a response.

“It’s nothing. I sprained a muscle yesterday in a Tai Chi class. My leg is fine now.”

“Are you sure?” Steven inquired.

“Certainly,” Billie reaffirmed. He walked around the room. “See.”

“Okay; I will return the wheelchair for you, then.”

“Thank you,” Billie said.

“Is there anything else you need, more food?”

Glenn looked at Billie and smiled. “No, that’s enough.”

“I have a surprise for you, though; some champagne.”

“But we didn’t order any, Steven,” Billie said with surprise.

“This is from a secret admirer.”

Billie and Glenn looked at each other inquisitively.

“Who?” Glenn asked.

“They wished to remain anonymous,” Steven explained. “Shall I pour you some?”

“What the hell?” Glenn commented.

The steward went out in the hallway to retrieve the champagne.

When he brought it back into the room, Billie grabbed his arm. “This is Dom Perignon, you must be mistaken.”

“No, this is what I was told to serve you.” Steven popped the cork and poured into two champagne flutes.

“This is bizarre,” Billie laughed.

“Let’s just enjoy it; it’s not every day we get to indulge in Dom Perignon,” Glenn reminded his partner.

“Can I get you anything else?”

“No, you are treating us very well this morning. Thanks,” Glenn answered.

“I will leave you to have some fun,” Steven urged. “Enjoy your trip in Victoria.” As he began to leave, he reminded them, “Don’t forget, we sail at 7.”

Glenn and Billie echoed a thank you, as he left. They initially reached for their coffee, but succumbed for the champagne.

“Here’s to our secret admirer,” Glenn toasted inquisitively.


Mistress Journals believes you will enjoy this sensual, erotic gay male creation Pablo Michaels has generously shared with all of us.

About the Author:
Pablo has published a short story in an anthology of fiction in a literary magazine, “When the Mocking Bird Sings”, by Dan River Press in 1986. Shortly there after he put his writing aside to pursue other goals.

He returned to writing in 2003 and has published four short stories in the "San Francisco Bay Area Literary Arts Newsletter and Review" in 2008 and 2009. Some of his stories can also be found published on scribd.com but we are really hoping to make Pablo Michaels an MJ's exclusive author!

Pablo is currently a part-time gardener and small scale landscaper, but he prefers writing fiction.

He is legally married to his partner of 13 years, both of them enjoying cooking, reading, traveling, music and good, healthy sex.

Notes by Gina Kincade:
CATNIP, ROSEMARY, RAGE, AND TIME will be posted by a new chapter each week until completion.

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