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Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Bloodlines" by Carl Franklin is now available at the KINDLE store!!!

"Bloodlines" by Carl Franklin is now available at the KINDLE store!!! No Kindle needed either.
You can download their FREE Kindle for PC software and then download this INCREDIBLE e-book for only $4.00.
Now why would you want to miss out on that, I know I don’t!

Carl Franklin’s print version of “Bloodlines” should be out a little later next month for those of you who prefer a hard copy in your hands and/or on your shelves.

To purchase "Bloodlines" by Carl Franklin at the Kindle store click HERE

One Fan had this to say about "Bloodlines"

"If you are interested in finding a story that will draw you in quickly and keep your attention, Bloodlines by Carl J. Franklin may be just what you need. In this short novel of 152 pages, you will find yourself laughing, crying, and cheering for the main character, Kyle Skye Montana.

In the style of many classical writers, Carl J. Franklin begins his novella Bloodlines with a brief, but inviting prologue. While a prologue may serve multiple purposes for an author, Franklin elects to utilize it to introduce his readers to the main character and narrator of his story--Kyle Skye Montana--and give away the "almost ending" of his work right from the very beginning. While this might seem a bit unnerving for some readers, I assure you, like Shakespeare who often gave away the basic plot of his works in the prologue, Mr. Franklin has much more in store for his readers throughout this debut novella.

On the whole, the idea of the novella is to put the reader smack in the middle of young Kyle Montana's life. An aspiring screen writer, Kyle struggles with his family's perception of his sexuality, his dreams, and his struggles as a young man trying to make it in a small, close-minded financially depressed town. And, if things aren't bad enough for Kyle, early in the story he loses his one true friend and confidant: his mother. This loss helps set up the structure for the novel which combines first person narration and Kyle's own words in the form of letters to his deceased mother. Through Kyle's letters, the reader really has the opportunity to get to know Kyle and truly understand what Kyle stands for: peace, love, and giving.

The only minor hitch in the story comes when the book fast forwards roughly ten years to allow readers a glimpse into Kyle's later years. At this point, the book cleverly switches from first person to third person but leaves the reader longing to know what happened in those ten years with Kyle's personal and familial relationships. This feeling, however, is short-lived and serves no detriment to the overall story or message the novella conveys. The story is emotionally powerful--even without those ten years!

I certainly recommend Bloodlines; it is soon to be a hit and will leave readers realizing that the world is full of Kyle Skye Montanas, we only need to open our eyes, minds, and hearts to find them. Bravo to Mr. Carl J. Franklin on his debut publication! I am looking forward to many more of his works. " ~By Kerey Nicholas

This review is from: Bloodlines (Kindle Edition)

About The Author

Carl J Franklin was Born May 4 - 1987 & raised in Grand Junction, CO. His first published poem, 'An Abridgment of Life Before Death' was when he was in High School, at the age of 13.

He became widely popular writing for his High School newspaper and later studied Journalism & Mass Communications at Mesa State College. His famous influences range from Alice Walker to Dorothy Parker and Ted Hughes.

His first Novella, 'Bloodlines' is releasing sometime in mid - late July where he has teamed with Smile Train Organization to receive a percentage of his proceeds.

Carl continues to write further works of fiction and stands behind a philanthropic belief, that each released work of fiction will be attached to some form of organization or charity in need of help.

Visit Carl Franklin at his Blog http://carljfranklin.blogspot.com/
Facebook Fanpage http://carljfranklin.blogspot.com/
Or his website http://carljfranklin.net/default.aspx

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