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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Open Call For Submissions – Gay Male

Open Call For Submissions – Gay Male

Mistress Journals is offering a unique writing challenge, an opportunity to expand your writing abilities and a chance to be published!

An open call, for all aspiring and published authors or anyone wishing to try their hand, for a “Writers Short Story Challenge.” Looking for heat, romance and erotica in one special M/M short story.

We are looking for short erotic M/M or M/M/M stories, 2500-5000 words max. Will accept stories for consideration between 1500-2500 words, nothing less please and they would need to be extraordinary to be chosen for the anthology.

We want unusual places, no bedroom scenes, a park bench, city bus…something where they could be discovered at anytime! We are looking for romantic suspense, fantasy or twisted endings or even paranormal gay male erotic stories. Anything different from the usual will be accepted but it MUST contain intense sexual scenes.

We expect all submissions to be free from spelling and grammatical errors, basically ready for publication, and posted on Mistress Journals in the “Gay Male” section from now until September 30, 2010!
Tasteful accompanying graphics will be accepted in the forum posts but not in the anthology itself.

*Please send an email copy (.doc format ONLY) to submissions@mistressjournals.co.cc with the title “Gay Male” in the subject line. Please ensure your text is Times New Roman 12, 1.5 line spacing. Include your name or pseudonym and title as header on ALL pages please. Page numbers must be on the bottom right of all pages.

Please enclose a max 100 word biography with all submissions as an attachment in .doc format.
If your submission is chosen for the anthology you will be notified by February 15th, 2011.

Visit Mistress Journals Erotic Stories Forum and sign up for your free account, apply as an author and post your stories!

*All forum posting rules and etiquette must be followed when making posts. Please ensure you read and follow the guidelines. Admin can and will delete inappropriate posts if necessary. Deleted posts are non-recoverable; don’t risk losing your work.

**All authors retain full copyright to their stories however we do request you do not post your story on any other forum or website for at least 18 months to promote the sale of the book. No payment/royalties will be promised/offered for use of the story in the book. The author chosen will agree, by legal contract, to receive a free copy of the book when it is published as full and final payment for their contribution.
At the sole discretion of Gina Kincade/Mistress Journals, payments may be made to contribution authors when and if all publication costs have been covered within one year of publication.
Gina Kincade/Mistress Journals will retain full rights to the book and any/all payments, costs or sale royalties without exclusion.

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