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Friday, April 23, 2010

A New Chapter In The Vitiano's Adventures Is Now Available For Your Reading Pleasure!

A New Chapter in the Vitiano's Adventures is now posted.

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An Excerpt From...

"CHAPTER 3 – A new Beginning © 2010 Lord and Lady Vitiano"

The countryside is beautiful in all its lush, green glory, the sun shining on all of God’s creations. I am pleased to have Maria Elena with me, as I don’t feel quite so lonely, a piece of my former life moving onward with me. We are told that we are within Vitiano lands now and should be arriving within the next hour. I feel a bit nervous, arriving in a foreign place, soon to be wed, my duties as a wife to begin. My life has centered around the eventual state of an arranged marriage, which is exactly where I am in now. It just seems so sudden. I was bred into a life where I would be of value to another one day, a wife of service. I thought back to the conversations I’d had with my Mother about this, she explaining that the duties of the wife are many, but foremost, that one should listen to the demands of her husband, whether in agreement or not, for they knew the proper way in which their kingdom should be run. The wife’s role was to compliment her husband, by “completing him” as a man. She explained that this meant that whatever his will might be, having a wife to follow his call, made him complete in his maturity as a man, especially in a life of royalty, where they are in the watching eyes of all. Furthermore, it was her duty to bring forth children, as heirs to the kingdom, for in any kingdom, the future was always at stake.

The castle is amazing in stature, the grounds properly kept, but the plants are of a different variety than that of home. “Home….this is my home now,” I think, as the sound of the horses hooves on the paved ground lead the way closer to my new dwelling. We arrive, and are helped out by gentlemen speaking in Italian, the language which I learned years ago, and became fluent in tongue and pen. I politely greet them, as they bow to me, stating that they are pleased to meet the Lady Isabella, the future wife of Lord Falesco Vitiano. Falesco, I wonder what my spouse to be looks like. Will he have dark hair, like that of my family? Will I be attracted to him? The young man that I once saw in all his nudity is suddenly in my mind, his arms and chest muscular, like that of a man that works hard for a living. I recall the sweat still lingering on his body, as he rose to clothe himself, and his dark eyes and hair.

“Lady Isabella,” I hear, realizing I’d drifted off into thought, “Please come this way. We shall show you to your quarters.” I follow, wondering where Lord Falesco might be. Perhaps he will wait while I rest and freshen up? I ponder this thought, as I meet and greet the other servants that will be at my disposal, so many of them, I think. My clothing is unpacked and hung, while the women help me from my heavy garments, suggesting that I get a bit of rest before tonight’s meal. I am grateful to them, as I climb into my new bed, attempting to rest. Maria Elena is next to me, talking about this new place, speaking of the beauty of the linens and structure of the castle. I listen, as intently as I can, but realize that I am tired, dozing off to sleep.

Today I cannot take it anymore, the stress of learning the family business, grieving for my father, grieving for the life I am missing and the insanity of the thought of marriage. I tell my servant to fetch me a horse; I need to ride.

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