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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lord and Lady Vitiano…An Epic Tale of How It All Began!

The erotic romance of Lord Falesco Vitiano and Lady Rossa Vitiano from the very beginning…

It begins with CHAPTER 1- Young Lord Falesco Vitiano….


I stare intensely into her blue eyes, her Mediterranean beauty so enchanting. Her hands holding her steady on my chest as her hips raise and lower on my swollen cock. My Alena, my Greek tutor teaching me how to last longer while within the feminine chambers of a woman. Her experience is unparalleled, her movements slow, her pussy gripping and squeezing my cock so masterfully. I want to cum so badly, but she knows how to keep me at the edge, as I continue to watch, feel and wait. She moves more quickly, driving me wild, her flowing, black hair whipping about as she goes into a frenzy of enjoyment.
“No, no, not yet,” her Greek tongue tells me, while riding me faster. “Now Falesco, now!,” she cries out, as I feel her warm, wetness coating my cock, releasing deeply into her, upon her command.
Of all my lovers in my travels, her teachings have been the most valued. I love my time with her; she is ten years my senior and the wife of my host.

As I feast on grapes and wine after our morning “teachings”, there is a knock at the door. A Courier is there, bearing a sealed letter from my father, back in Italy. I quickly break the wax seal of our family crest, reading the first line of print, “My dearest son, Falesco, my health is failing.”

To read more of the story of this Hot Young Italian Lord, please visit the “House Of Vitiano”

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