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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mistress Journals Brings You Our Featured Author, Chase Storm!

Mistress Journals Brings You Our Featured Author For The 3rd Time This Year, Chase Storm!

Once again Chase Storm has been nominated as Mistress Journals’ Author of the Month for his "astoundingly hot poems" and "to drool over" erotic stories.

While being a moderator of the MJ’s forum and keeping an eye on things for Gina while she writes her own steaming stories, Chase has submitted the most incredible selection of stories in the erotic sections on MJ’s and continues to pump off poems at an incredible rate.

Chase is on a roll; let no one stop this hot Author now! Keep 'em coming Chase!!

Come in, sit back, relax and check out “The Chair”, “The Massage” and “The Shower”, all guaranteed to create a blazing inferno of the mind and body!

Offering you an excerpt from my personal favorite...

“The Chair” by Chase Storm

Walking into the living room wearing only a red lace bra and matching thong, you seem surprised to see I am sitting naked in my recliner watching TV. Bending over to turn it off and giving me a view of your body most would die for, you tell me it is bedtime. Motioning for you to help me out of this plush tan Lazy boy, I take your hand and pull you into my lap, wrapping my arms around you.

A snap of two fingers and your ample twins spring free, as I toss your bra to the carpet. Sliding out from under you, depositing your firm bottom into the comfort of my chair, I kneel between your legs and kiss you deeply. Giving me that I dare you to look, I bite into top center of that red lace thong clinging to your hips. Slowly removing your thong with my teeth, I pause and inhale deeply drawing in the scent of your sex and exhale slowly across it watching the goose pimples appear, then slipping it down past your knees, feet and cast it to the floor.

Kissing my way back up your legs, alternating between the right and left, I ease back to your jewel. My mouth watering, I plant a kiss on it, as a low moan escapes your body.
I lap at the moisture accumulating on your outer lips, wrapping my tongue around that hard little nub parting them; I slowing draw it into my mouth. Gently at first, then harder and deeper I suck at it. Slipping a finger in to massage your wetness, I feel you tense as you whisper,
“Take me now.”

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  1. Well done and Kudos to Chad for this great honor

  2. Gina, I am humbled and deeply honored. I can't express in words what this means to me.


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