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Saturday, July 31, 2010

"©AGAIN?" An Erotic Poem By Mona Arizona

"©Again is a free-verse tercet poem by Mona Arizona.

This erotica piece received second place in an international erotic poetry contest several years ago and is currently being converted to video format with erotica photos and music by Llewellyn. No part of this poem may be copied, transferred, or reproduced in any manner without written consent from the author.

Tercet poetry comprises stanzas consisting of three lines only where the first and third lines rhyme and where each stanza can exist as a poem on its own. The particular rhythm of this poem is 6-7-8, however, Mona suggests you read each stanza as a single sentence without thinking of it as poetry...for the full, erotic, emotional feelings it conveys."

By Mona Arizona

The window reflects us,
You behind me, our bodies
Bared, erotic, ‘roused god, goddess

Your voice, dark and liquid
Gold; heavy-lidded eyes hold
Me mesmerized, fiery, fervid

My hair free, wildly curled
About my face, over my
Shoulders; senses and thought are whirled

An instant wave of heat
Sent over, through my body;
It’s my lust you dare to entreat

Drawn by a feral scent,
Lust is there, certainly there
And yet, this lust is different

My reaction to your
Presence makes no sense at
All; delicious, sultry, cocksure

Thoroughly addicted
To your sexual allure—
Disguise it, I think determined

The drive comes from some place
Deeper within . . . primitive,
More intense; you’re like a scapegrace

I am a hedonist
Suddenly; no stopping my
Soul, for it is at its gayest

Open your eyes, you whisper;
I do, mine intensely engage
As yours gaze; You’re mine, you aver

Conquered and claimed, you brand
Me; with each kiss, with each touch,
With each word; I’m at your command

Long, wicked fingers mold
My breasts; gooseflesh ripples across
My skin, my vision you hold

Tongue warms a bold trail from
In my ear to its lobe to
My neck heating me with aplomb

Lids heavy with desire
Close; Keep them open, you say,
Ev’ry part of you I admire

A cloud passes between
Us and the moon, casting us
In grayer shadow; it’s serene

Barely seen but I sense
Kisses open and wet on
My shoulder; I have no defense

My thoughts tangle as your
Palm finds my breast, stroking my
Nipple; my cravings you immure

Giving no quarter, splayed
Fingers smooth a path downward;
Succinctly, the message conveyed

Against my back I feel
The hardness of your passion—
My world becomes more surreal

My head falls to your chest
On a moan and gasp for air;
My passion you have well assessed

A fingernail trails up
My thigh, moving along the
Inside of my thigh as to worship

Moving along braving
My leg, higher, higher, Ummm . . .
Suggesting the goal, refusing

To arrive there, it draws
Lazy circles on my thigh,
Inching higher, giving me pause

One hand smoothes down my ass
And cups me between my
Legs, rubbing, pressing, to harass

First one, then two enter;
Fingers that play me, test me,
In, out, again, across vulvar

I manage to loosed a
Shuddering breath; I lean a
Bit forward; you say, don’t stray

I try . . . I want you now;
I turn in your waiting arms;
We’ll take it slowly, you avow

Each finger of your hand
Slides into your mouth to be
Sucked; surprised, yet I understand

Your lips take mine, not in
An innocent kiss; my head
Is pushed back, desire a given

An erotic friction
Of lips, taking, demanding
Your deep merciless possession

Your tongue tastes of honey
Coasting over mine, I arch
Up to eat, swallow you wholly

You would make a feast
For any woman—your brain,
Bod, humor, sensitivity

This last still a wonder
To me, you see me clearly;
And I thought I was so clever

I gaze at you speechless,
Captured in your wicked spell
Of desire—unrestrained brashness

To fulfill dreams of me,
Your wickedest, wildest
Fantasy knows no boundary

My breath, a tiny sound;
All thought slips away; legless;
Sensibilities fogbound

You lift me, my legs wrap
‘Round your hips; across the room
As my butt cheeks you give a slap

Desperate and in thrall,
Pressed under the weight of you,
Across your bed we sprawl

My mouth opens on a
Sigh; your tongue quickly invades;
We breathe . . . breathe as one whereby

I relax under the
Weight of you pressing into
Me; how solid you feel; prima

That I can support your
Weight makes me feel larger in
My own right; I feel your tambour

Mobile lips persuade
As legs entwine and fingers
Across my breasts are splayed

They gently cup and weigh;
Your knee separates my legs
And tongues keep up their parlay

Across the broad expanse
Of your back, my hands skate to
Confirm your tenseness, then advance

I cup your buttocks, squeeze;
The muscles there contract; I
Slip lower, press the boundaries

Find the soft weight of your
Testicles and when I stroke
You, your lips break from mine unsure

On a deep groan from you,
Encouraged, I cup them, I
Squeeze gently; nothing to eschew

Warm breath, moist lips and tongue
Find that sensitive place
At my ear, my patience wrung

Traitorous body wants more
At war with virtuous thought;
Still, my hands begin to explore

Open-mouth kisses press
Along my cheek to my neck
To my nipple; your lips caress

A mewl escapes as your
Teeth bite and pull; then suck as
Your eyes meet mine as to assure

My hands grasp your thick hair;
A moan escapes my lips I
Know, though I think it from elsewhere

Your tongue licks the other
Breast; a breath—cool air washes
Over it with a lustful lure

Your gaze at its tautness
Floods my senses with yearning,
As from the sex god named Eros

I arch and hold you near,
Your fire igniting ev’ry
Nerve, each touch my flesh to sear

One hand to your shoulder,
I push you aside and roll
Over you; I’m feeling bolder

Then, splayed over you
Down my throat your kisses move
Lower until they start anew

To circle around my
Nipple, teeth come into play
Again, my body goes awry

Then the soft suckling of
Your lips; I lay weak, limp, and
Obedient; your talent suave

I slide down your body
To lick your chest; you like this;
Encouraging words are bawdry

Your hands come to my neck,
Massaging, encouraging
Me; lips part, my tongue I let fleck

Down, down until my tongue
Finds its destination
And I lick you up . . . nearly unstrung

Up the length of your cock;
You swear, or is it a prayer;
Your hands tighten and then unlock

They fall away from me;
You whisper my name—is it
Praise or warning? I smile coyly

Unable to tell which,
I do it again, taking
The tip of you like a sandwich

Lightly between my lips
I stroke it, your breath hitches;
I taste salt, musk; you my mouth sips

Suckling you as you had
Done my breasts, your body jerks
Beneath me; I cup your gonad

A growling from your throat
Decides me—definite praise;
You lift your hips as to promote

I try to take you deep,
Open my mouth to use the
Length of my tongue your length to sweep

Simply for the pleasure
Of making you shake; eas’ly
You writhe for me; not so cocksure

Suddenly, patience snaps,
And you take me beneath my
Arms and pull me up; I collapse

Your expression affords
Me a premonition—you
Roll over me, pull me upwards

Beneath you, you take my
Wrists, pull my arms over my
Head, take a length of cloth and tie

Afraid?, you ask; Never,
I reply; you smugly grin;
I don’t show or give you censure

My blood beats a tattoo
Rhythmically, masterly,
Nonsensically; oh, the rue

The somatosense as
Fingers steal downward to trail,
To learn, to teach with such panache

The voice of your quick breath
Empowers my boldness; I
Lift, your hardness close to me—eff

Not yet, your whisper wreathes
Round my mind; attentively,
You smile, one hand my mons enwreathes

The other slides beneath,
Kneads one globe; Oh, oh, I moan
As mobile fingers roam my heath

You chuckle on my skin . . .
My lids lift and meet your gaze
And I see your seductive grin

The swollen nub you seek
At the apex of my thighs...
Found; God! your thumb and fingers tweak

All thought I possess whirls;
Breath ceases; I feel you move
To separate, play my soft curls

Between the petals they
Glide, they coax and they promise;
While entering only partway

Stroking sensitive flesh,
Stirring the moisture with your
Touch, and my senses you enmesh

Hot and wet, you extol;
I arch my back and softly
Cry; I am under your control

Wickedly, they evoke
My essence, my core, my nub;
None ignored—a rub and a stroke

Increasing in time ‘til,
Working to pleasure passion,
Deeper and deeper they do drill

My head rolls side to side,
Your lean, muscled body next
To mine, panting, your hand I ride

Climax is swift; tongue licking,
Tasting, finding its way to
My core, your tongue begins flicking

I buck with passionate
Moans; hands rush to find purchase,
To keep me earth bound as you glut

You grip my hips and say,
I want to taste the food of
The gods; you still me where I lay

In its fragrance and flavor—
Your intent . . . to leave me boneless

On lusty passion’s waves,
I soar o’er terra firma;
Only your grip on me enslaves

Intense, white hot, you lave
Me into a frenzied heat;
With you, there’s so much more I crave

A groan deep in your throat
Escapes, vibrates against my
Need; your laving sounds like a rote

My hands clutch tousled sheets
Tho I course the galaxy;
My labored, needed breath entreats

Ardently, your name I
Murmur, yet you continue
On, my sated need you espy

Without hesitation,
Foreseeing your own release;
From that first kiss it did burgeon

I said we’d take it slow
But, girl, I have to take you
Or my nuts are going to blow

Your mouth crushes over mine;
I taste myself on your lips;
Above me, your body sublime

My fingers wrap ‘round your
Cock, velvet skin over steel,
I stroke from base to head ad hoc

With grunting gasps both my
Hands you take; Enough, you groan;
Firmly grip so they can’t deny

Wrap your legs ‘round my hips;
Eagerly, I move; comply,
Feel the head at my swollen lips

Again your mouth covers
Mine, as you impale my tight
Sheath so like the Nordic victors

Your mouth captures my moan;
Mouth to mouth, skin to heated
Skin, pumping faster; Ohhh! . . . evzone

Myself I taste follows
Your lips, your breath, and your tongue;
Your cock my sheath does enclose

One leg you lift across
Your shoulder; bury it to
The hilt; later we’ll share some doss

Deeper it penetrates
Firing your passion to new
Heights; shallow breathing it creates

It’s buried deep within;
It stops . . . no way to discern
Where you stop and where I begin

I can’t . . . Oh, please, I sigh,
My words belying action;
Fast and hard, Babe, comes your reply

You know how I like it,
So I let you set the pace;
You know for you I will submit

My nails dig in your arms,
Crescent shapes they will imprint,
Never lessen your rakish charms

As to who’s riding whom
I care not; I am witless;
It’s my passion you quite exhume

Steadily, you fill me,
Thrust deep in welcoming heat—
I cling, hold on—repeatedly

A million stars explode
In my brain, it’s all I see;
My sensibilities erode

I utter a piercing,
Loud, lengthy cry; lids shut tight
To keep my teared eyes from blearing

Involuntary lock—
Muscles strongly contract and
Milk your powerful, hard cock

Deeper, harder, faster;
My world spins on its axis;
I’m the slave and you’re the master

I climax in your arms;
You stifle a roar in the
Curve of my neck; me, it disarms

Down your nerves, under your
Skin it spreads, no time to think;
Each thrust, retreat, you seek succor

One final hard, deep thrust
Embeds you close to my womb;
You growl the last of your hot lust

The moment’s upon you
Flaring high, roaring, racing
Through your veins, through you, the wherethrough

The rush long awaited
Jettisons through your blood; your
Body empties into mine—fed

Drawing a long, deep breath,
You collapse . . . satiated,
Roll to your side, a lover’s death

Draw me, enfold me in
Your arms; my weakness embrace,
And protect me, your possession

A final kiss and then
Hold me close as we repose.
Again? Oh, yes; without question

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