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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Hot Gargoyle Menage! #paranormal #gargoyles #romance @ErzabetBishop

Heart’s Protector by Erzabet Bishop (Dubious Book 6)

Two gargoyles and a woman who needs them…

Medina Argos is a woman on the run from her present and her past. One of three sisters in an international art theft ring, she flees when a routine art heist goes too far. But this curvy girl is about to learn that some hearts beat to a different drum and the road to love is sometimes the less traveled one, even for a woman with secrets.

Thomas Sauveterre is a renowned art restoration specialist. Nothing is more important to him than his daughter, Gabrielle.  When he takes on the largest project of his career, he also gains a security officer in the bargain. But love can be hiding in the most surprising places if he can only open his heart to find it.

What Readers are saying:

"I loved the dynamics of it. I loved how the characters all had something that they had to deal with in their own past in order to come together as one and learn that they were all worth being loved, even those that could turn people to stone. I hope that she has more books in this series in the future because I would gladly gobble them up as well!!!"

"I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a hot romance with paranormal characters."

"I loved Heart's Protector. Heart Protector is the sixth book in the Dubious Series. I loved the storyline and the characters. I loved Medina and all that she has to go through with her past lives. I loved how she learns from them, and I loved her snakes that are always whispering about pretties. I loved how Medina is One of three sisters in an international art theft ring."

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