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Friday, July 8, 2016

A hot New Release Vampire romance! Homecoming, A Times Journey Novel Book 3 by Bethany Shaw #vampires #witches #romance @BethanyShaw77

A hot New Release Vampire romance!
Homecoming, A Times Journey Novel Book 3 by Bethany Shaw

Zak is determined to find Cadence before his father does. Even if he succeeds, they still have to make it home safely. All he can do is hope for the best, but he's in a race against time, and his enemies are everywhere.
Cadence is stuck in a strange time on a continent she knows nothing about. Left to fend to herself after getting separated from Zak she must evade the vampire hunter, Malcolm at all costs. Will she find Zak in time? If she does, will they finally make it home?

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Vanished, Book 1 in the Times Journey by Bethany Shaw, is totally FREE! 
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Zak should kill the beautiful witch that betrayed him, but he can't bring himself to do it. All he wants is a chance to get to know the bewitching beauty. His mother maliciously grants his wish when she casts a spell that sends them both into the past.
Cadence is weary of Zak. Her coven is at war with his vampire clan. When they end up stuck in the past, she has no choice but to trust the vampire in this strange time. Enemies from Zak's past surface, posing a threat to them, and forcing her to tap into her unstable magic.

Lost (A Times Journey Novel Book 2)

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