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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Contemporary Erotic Romance at Naughty Nights Press: WE ARE THE NEXT GENERATION OF EROTIC AUTHORS!

Would you like to be part of the Next Generation of Undeniably Passionate, Sexually Explicit and Downright Daring Erotic Romance Authors on Naughty Nights Press?

Where our writers are encouraged to use their insatiable drive for creativity to push the boundaries to the edge of that intense craving for spicy erotic romance so tempting our readers simply can’t resist…

We are currently seeking submissions for Contemporary Erotic Romance.
If you are a writer of Contemporary Erotic Romance looking for a great house to e-publish your next book then look no further!

Naughty Nights Press is the newest publisher for steamy erotic romance on the Internet. We specialize in Erotic and Erotic Paranormal Romance however we publish a range of different sub-genres in erotica & romance from Fantasy to Science fiction to the wildest of Kink; we do so much more then you may expect.

Try a brand new e-publisher on for size and realize the benefit of having it all arranged for you. We have in-house editors who will work with you to make your books the best they can be, graphics artists who will design a cover that almost tells the tale of the pages within and the best part…we are a royalty-paying publisher who welcomes both aspiring and established authors.

We may be small but we can do big things! Do yourself a favor and submit your books to Naughty Nights Press rather then letting your books sit on a shelf.
We offer downloads to our clients in multiple formats right on the website so you do not have to worry about extra fees or hosts that go out of business. We take care of our authors and help them to share their work with the world!

Why wait, submit today at nnp@mistressjournals.com

We are currently accepting contemporary romance e-book novellas between 10000 and 13000 words. If you would prefer to write something bigger than please look at what we accept on our submissions pages or contact our office.

Please have your submissions in to nnp@mistressjournals.com no later than April 31st, 2011.

For submission and formatting requirements please go to the "How To Submit" page for further details.
Naughty Nights Press reserves the right to modify due dates for submissions at our discretion.

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