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Monday, May 3, 2010

"His Sea Goddess" by Marisa Chenery, the 4th and final book in the Goddess Revealed Series

"His Sea Goddess" by Marisa Chenery, the 4th and final book in the Goddess Revealed Series, is now available from Ellora's Cave!

My friends, this is one stimulating, passionate and simply fascinating story you just don't want to pass up!
Enjoy this incredible gripping story, of an Egyptian Goddess and a mortal male that will keep you on the edge of your seat as she makes the decision that will change her future with her one true love mate.

Download it to your Kindle, Nook or other portable reading device today. Don't miss out on this enchanting paranormal romance ebook series!
You can find it here http://www.jasminejade.com/p-8238-his-sea-goddess.aspx


"After a near miss with a shark while diving in the Red Sea in Egypt, Jarrett is rescued by a dolphin and unwillingly dragged to an underwater chamber. But it isn’t just any dolphin. Wounded and unsure of his surroundings, Jarrett watches in awe as the dolphin shifts into a beautiful woman he is unable to resist.

Hatmehyt, an Egyptian goddess, was drawn to the man swimming near the reef while in her dolphin form, but soon realizes Jarrett is her mate. Unable to thrive on land, she has to make the painful choice to either keep him with her or let him go to the surface when the shark bite he received threatens his life."

"An Excerpt From: HIS SEA GODDESS

Copyright © MARISA CHENERY, 2010

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

In her dolphin form, Hatmehyt turned back from the bull shark that she’d chased away to find the mortal she had saved trying to swim back to shore. Out for a swim around the coral reef, one of her favorite things to do, she’d spotted the man. She’d then followed him at a discreet distance. Something about him had drawn her to him. Hatmehyt knew it had nothing to do with his looks, because she had no idea what he really looked like covered up the way he was. He just appealed to her, making her want to be close to him. He intrigued her enough to have her doing what she normally avoided—interacting with a mortal.

She quickly swam after him. Even though his wound didn’t seem to be bleeding too badly, she knew it would be enough to draw every shark in the area. She swam around in front of him and blocked his path. Hatmehyt knew the only way he would survive without being attacked by another shark was for her to take him to her underwater home. It would be a much shorter swim than the one to the shore.

Once he stopped swimming, she swam up beside him and let her dorsal fin brush up against his hand. As soon as he took hold, she towed him through the water in the opposite direction. No surprise, he let go once he realized they weren’t headed for shore. Hatmehyt swam back to him and once again positioned her dorsal fin under his hand. This time he didn’t take it. She debated whether or not to shift into her human form to show him she wasn’t like the wild dolphins that lived in the area, but in the end she decided against it. It would only use up what little time they had left. So instead of offering her fin again she gently took his wrist in her jaws and pulled him through the water.

Putting on a burst of speed, Hatmehyt didn’t give the mortal a chance to resist. Determined to get him to her underwater home before anything else happened to him, she shot through the water. When the underwater tunnel entrance came in sight, she let go of his wrist and used her nose to force him to swim through it.

She gave him another quick shove to keep him moving before she turned back to drive away another shark that had come up behind them. This one seemed more determined than the other as it came back for another pass. After a quick glance at the entrance to reassure herself that the mortal hadn’t decided to come back out, she focused her attention on the shark. It was time to teach this one what happened when you incurred the wrath of an Egyptian fish-goddess."

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