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"Everything I do, everything I am, all that I breathe is 18+ and will contain sexually suggestive material. ~ Gina Kincade 2011

"If you never have any expectations of other people then you will never be disappointed. When a positive experience occurs it is always a reason to rejoice." ~Gina Kincade, 2009

"I have learned, as a rule of thumb, never to ask whether you can do something. Say, instead, that you are doing it. Then fasten your seat belt. The most remarkable things follow." ~Julia Cameron

Monday, November 29, 2021

Now in Kindle Unlimited! Snag your copy of this Gay Male Romance collection and satisfy your urges today!

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✔ Boxed Set

✔ 3x Books

✔ 3x Couples

✔ 3x Angst

✔ 3x Happily Ever After!

Snag your copy of this collection and satisfy your urges today!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3DCDKV1

Universal: https://books2read.com/TLPB1-3

Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1773573128/


 He will protect his man...

Ten years after Kellan Sutherland is nearly murdered, his nightmare returns when his attacker is unexpectedly released from jail.

Sheriff Alexander Romano is determined to protect the man he loves, even if he has to prove himself to Kellan to do it.


Is it truly better to have loved and lost?

Garrett Lennox is finding it more and more difficult to keep his attraction to star athlete Ozborne Hunter a secret. Plans for their ‘first time’ go horribly wrong, leaving Oz badly injured. After the assault, Oz suddenly disappears and Garrett is devastated. He is determined not to give up the man he loves and vows to find him.


One man can teach him to trust...

Otto Becham’s past forces him to keep everyone at an emotional distance. That is, until Prescott Worthington tempts Otto into giving in to his attraction.

Just when Prescott thinks he has a chance at earning Otto’s trust, Otto’s past returns, bringing his worst nightmares to life...


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