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Friday, March 25, 2016

NEW RELEASE! At First Sight: A Shapershifter Paranormal Romance by Phoenix Johnson and Gina Kincade

From Bestselling and Award Winning Paranormal Author Phoenix Johnson and Bestselling Paranormal Erotic Author Gina Kincade comes a new Shifter series set in Japan.

At First Sight is the first installment of the Kitsune's Raven Trilogy.

She's a Fox. He's a Raven. 
From opposing sides of a shifter clan war, their relationship is against the rules...but nothing is sweeter than forbidden fruit. 

When Kitsune returns home for a fireworks festival, she doesn't expect to run into Karasu, a handsome young man with a smile that melts her heart and dampens her panties. Their attraction is instant, their love bright and hot. When she discovers he's from an enemy clan, and a Raven shifter, she fights her instincts and the clan laws to be with the one she loves. 

Will their love be the balm to heal the rift between the two clans? 
Or will it spark an all-out war? 
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A few hours later, the evening sky darkened, and the warm, humid day gave way to a balmy night. People began to gather along the harbor, excited murmurs rippling through the growing crowd. Children giggled and fidgeted, the voices drowning out the usual sounds of water slapping against pylons, ropes creaking as boats fought their tethers, and cats begging fishermen for scraps.
Kitsune veritably danced in anticipation, her backpack knocking against her back as she moved. This was her second favorite time of year, after the Sakura Festival in spring. While the blooming cherry blossoms during April brought her peace, this night, the night of the Yokohama International Fireworks, made her feel like a child again, giddy with delight. The pops and crackling as the pretty pyrotechnics exploded into twinkling bursts of color always gave her a thrill. As the city ushered in summer, promises of green tea ice cream and trips to the beach filled her thoughts, much as they always had.
While Kitsune called Japan her true home, she lived in Australia to attend university. She was studying for her Masters of Science degree, majoring in Zoology at the James Cook University in Cairns. At twenty-three years old, she was well on her way to achieving her dream of being a zoologist. She already volunteered at the Cairns Tropical Zoo when she wasn’t studying. She loved Japan, but the variety of wildlife she worked with in Australia was something she couldn’t pass up. It had become her second home.
She wandered along the dock, weaving between the people milling around, waiting for the fireworks to start. She barely noticed where she was going, lost in thoughts of her two homes. She didn’t see the tall, lanky stranger until he bumped into her.
His stark blue eyes were the first thing she noticed when she looked at him. There was a sharp cunning in his gaze, and she felt as though he were sizing her up as a bird would potential prey. As her breath caught in her throat, tingles shot through her, setting her nerves on fire.
He flicked his jagged styled fringe out of his face with a grin.
“I’m so sorry. I was lost in my own little world and didn’t see you. The fireworks are my favorite festival, and I just get so excited, you know?”
His eyes sparkled and she could almost feel his elation. She struggled to find her voice as the sound of his made her stomach quiver, and she thought her bones would melt.
“I’m Karasu, by the way.”
When she didn’t reply immediately, he arched an eyebrow, and his quizzical appearance warmed her heart, shaking her from her hypnotized daze.
“Kitsune.” She smiled, hoping she wouldn’t come across as a silly schoolgirl with a crush. “I know what you mean. About the fireworks, that is. I come home every year for this.” She glanced around and sighed, content.
“How fitting.” He grinned, giving her a wink that threatened to crumble what dregs of composure she’d managed to gather. “You certainly suit the name of Fox.”
A second wink from him caused her to blush, warmth spreading across her cheeks, neck and ears as a pulsating heat started low in her belly. She bit her lip, pondering what it would be like to kiss him. His mouth appeared soft, gentle, and he broke into a smile with ease.
Karasu cleared his throat, bringing her back to reality. “I know, I’m hot,” he joked, grinning once more.

About the Authors
Phoenix Johnson

Phoenix Johnson has always been intrigued by the written word. Even when she was a young girl, she usually had her nose stuck in at least one book, and her need to read would drive her to peruse the back of the same cereal box each morning at breakfast. Paranormal and fantasy captured her heart, with tales about dragons, magic, and fanciful creatures sweeping her away to a wonderful new world where she felt she truly belonged. While she dabbled in writing while in primary school, it wasn't until high school that she decided she should try her hand at writing her own book, and even gave poetry a try.
She wandered away from writing for a few years, but was soon encouraged to return and, within months of picking up the proverbial pen, Phoenix' first story, The Wolf In The Neighborhood, was accepted for publication by Naughty Nights Press. While working on the rest of the Wolf Smitten Trilogy, Phoenix decided to take on a university degree, and is now in the final stretch of her Bachelor of Art's degree in Professional Writing and Publishing, with plans to continue on to her Master's degree.
In early 2015, Phoenix was thrilled to discover she'd made two Top 5 lists with three entries in the Easychair Bookstore Awards. In June, it was announced she had placed first in Best Paranormal with Once Bitten Twice Shy, the second installment in her Wolf Smitten Trilogy, while The Wolf In The Neighborhood and Wolf Smitten placed third in their respective categories of Best Paranormal and Best Series. Once Bitten Twice Shy also recently won Best Paranormal Erotic from Erotic Writer's Guild's Ravishing Reads Awards.
With her inclusion in the Alphas on the Prowl Box Set in 2015, Phoenix hit the top 100 bestsellers lists across numerous distributors, number 1 bestseller on several Amazon lists, and this was quickly followed by the announcement of her achievement of number 1 bestseller for her publisher, Naughty Nights Press, for the entire year of 2015. The awards and achievements have only served to strengthen her ambitions, and she is now aiming at reaching the bestseller lists for USA Today and New York Times.
Phoenix has been working hard to make 2016 her year, and has been busy getting prepared for the numerous projects she has on the go for this year. She is extremely excited to see where her writing career takes her next.

To follow other projects by Phoenix Johnson, please visit http://deaalmon87.wix.com/phoenixjohnsonauthor. She can also be found on Facebook, where you can sign up to her newsletter, The Nest. She is also on Twitter.

Gina Kincade
Ms. Gina Kincade has been writing erotic paranormal romance books and erotic short stories since she was seventeen years old. Her first and second publications were erotic short stories in a well-respected men's magazine under an alternate pseudonym.
She writes everything from M/F, M/M, Ménage, BDSM and fetish, to evil little vampires and were-creatures who will rip out your heart without thinking twice and then engage in steamy, explicit sex scenes.
Gina writes under a total of five pseudonyms to-date in other genres, including YA and children's.
A busy mom to three children, she lives in her wild household of two rambunctious dogs, a devoted, loving cat who believes herself to be royalty, and the most recent addition of ten little baby chickens. She loves gardening, beaches, fast cars and horseback riding.
Gina is also the C.E.O of Naughty Nights Press, a quality publisher of erotica, contemporary romance and paranormal fiction.

Ms. Kincade's life is full, time is never on her side, and she wouldn't change a moment of it!

~ Lady Gina Kincade,
Author of Erotica and Erotic Paranormal Romance

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