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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Let Us Advertise Our .co.cc Extension Websites

Please join me in the protest against Facebook's claim* that individual websites have been reported as abusive or spam and not just the extensions.
Join me here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Let-us-advertise-our-dot-co-dot-cc-websites/147513155282055?ref=mf

It is NOT the domains or the hosts as they claim on the Help Center page but the use of the .co.cc extension that follows the website name.

I might add that I failed to see any such notice the other day when I was looking so this must have been added recently as it was just found by my colleague and fellow author Monie Penny. Her site http://between-thesheets.co.cc has also been affected by this FB screw up.

Owners of websites with this extension have contacted FB on multiple occasions in regard to this issue, that has been occurring for over two weeks, and received no response as yet. Why does it give users the option to report that it is an error of they have no intention of checking into it??

Help us fight Facebook's claim and win back the right to post our domain names again. Why should we be forced to buy new ones with a different extention to satisfy FB? This is simply a case of prejudice against an extension not any individual website.
I have proven this by posting the mistressjournals domain on my FB page on multiple occasions without the extention.

Even email addresses with a domain that has this extension are considered invalid by FB. How can they have the right to mass ban simply because these domains share one common factor...The .co.cc extension.

To date both mistressjournals.co.cc and between-thesheets.co.cc have been affected by the error message from FB claiming the website has been reported for abusive content or spam and prevented us from posting a link to our sites.

This is bull, neither site has been directly reported at all but the .co.cc extension has and we know there are many more of you out there with this same problem.

Lets see if we can't finally get FB to sit up and take notice of an issue that seems to have coincided with thier last "fix" and actually DO something about it for once.

Regardless of extension all websites have the right to display their link as long as said "link" not violate the TOS, which our links do not. Fb claims they can not be responsible for the content on these websites and they are right, they can't. But nor can they ban a link to them on that same basis.

Facebook has no legal right to ban a link based on content of the site itself unless said site has directly caused malicious harm or damage to Facebook and/or their servers or equipment through the use of software or virus on the site.

The "link" itself is the only thing on the Facebook site, and in no way does it violate the TOS.
What is next, some error has the .com or .net extension banned...stop this before it becomes out of hand Facebook.

Personally if this continues I can see a major drop off in use of my Facebook account since the primary use of it is for networking for my businesses and if I can't network, then what is the point of it. Guess i will just dust off my old MYSPACE Account.

Hypothetically: (IF it were a direct report of my site)

FB is not a PG 13 site. They do have the issue with some teens making accounts with incorrect birthdays and having access to adult content intended for those 18 years of age and over.

However, if someone has had access to my Mistress Journals Erotic Stories Forum due to a link posted on my FB page it is neither my fault nor that of Facebook but instead that of the parent for not enssuring your child was using his/her facebook account in a way that FB intended for those under 18. Quit blaming others for your lack of interest in what your child is doing and your poor parenting skills.

I personally assure you, I know where my child has been on the internet and what he is viewing, at all times. It's called monitoring, parenting, caring...try it!

Join me here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Let-us-advertise-our-dot-co-dot-cc-websites/147513155282055?ref=mf

*Below is a copy of the information found in the Help Center as posted by Facebook

"I received an error message saying that a link I want to post has been reported as abusive.
You're seeing this error message because the content that you've attem...
You're seeing this error message because the content that you've attempted to post on the site has already been reported as abusive by other Facebook users. You should be able to edit your account if you do not include the offending text or URLs.

If you believe there is no abusive content on the specific website you are trying to post, unfortunately, the web domain that hosts the website has already been identified as abusive. Facebook does not have control over content that is hosted by particular web domains. To request the removal of abusive web pages that may be hosted by this domain, you will have to contact the specific domain provider.
For more information about prohibited content, please visit the Warnings section of the Help Center.

And Facebook, just an fyi...If you intend to update the TOS on a case by case basis for each and every issue you do not want to deal with or do not have an answer for, please make sure that it makes sense. In reading the above statement I can see a number of questions that arise from the particular wording and the obvious attempt someone has made to make it sound "official".

Any updates to the TOS must be made public before they are added in to a multi-user network and expected to be adhered to. No, ignorance is not an excuse but when users are not made aware of changes, especially when they occur after a report of a problem, then violations of added content can not be held against said users.


  1. I'm not sure what the .co.cc extension is, but I tried a couple of the links on your page and I can't get them to open. Not sure why, It's not through FB.

  2. Well said Sister
    *bites n kisses*


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