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Saturday, February 27, 2010

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Vampire Story - Part II
by TyrKieran

Continued From: Vampire Story - Part I

But now, nearly 800 years later, she IS alive. Running with the remaining U.S. werewolf population in tow, and apparently with a surviving portion of our old clan waiting for her in yet another baited plan. “So, how much of the clan survived?” My voice was weighed down from reliving those dark memories. “Rell, Zune, Jade, Vex and Raven.” Kira replied as she picked up the pace. “They are waiting, let’s get back on track.”

As we darted back towards the East side of the city, subtle ground tremors announce the Lycan’s renewed pursuit. What was the purpose of all this? Why ignite an insatiable rage in the Lycanthropes and lead them to the Ag-Center? Running side by side with Kira, I continued my questioning. “Despite their possible annoyances, why did you send those vampires to their deaths, back at the rooftop, when you’re obviously going to need all the help you can get battling these Lycans?”

Without even the slightest change in pace or expression, Kira replied. “They were traitors and couldn’t be trusted. I was about to kill them myself when you showed up out of nowhere.” “Traitors?” I vocalized. Thinking out loud, I narrowed my eyes, “Traitors for whom, the Lycanthropes?” Kira threw a quick glance at me out of the corner of her eyes. Her expression changed to one of anger tainted with concern. “They were thralls of the Sect!”

Her words hit me with a wall of complex emotion, nearly knocking me off balance. My face displayed shock as I navigated waves of confusion, anger, and fear. The Sect still lives! After all this time they still hunt down immortals! My mind was racing faster than we were. Trying to wrap my brain around the Sect’s continued existence, Kira’s plan started to make sense.

Now on the city’s eastward bypass, we see the Agricultural center in the distance; the plan’s point of mayhem. I can’t help but wonder “Will this night be my last?” Looking over at Kira, she is a visage of confidence, but even 800 years later I can still read her true emotions. Fear fueled adrenaline… fear, yes, but not for herself.

City lights blur in dissipated trails on our left as we run down the highway. The forest line that dominated the other side of the bypass now gave way to open water. The extra salinity in the air agitates my senses; I was never a big fan of the ocean, or large bodies of water in general for that matter, but the ocean view meant we were closing in on our destination. Glancing again at Kira, I prodded “I hope they are ready.”

Thinking about Kira’s plans, I analyze the building ahead. The city’s Agriculture Center was the dominating structure on the east side and comprised of three main sections; a magnificent glass dome atrium with several levels above and below ground, and two angular towers of administration and research encased in steel and stone. The largest tower had to be at least twenty eight stories while the smaller stack looked to be fourteen. Our destiny however, lies within the bowels of the atrium.

In the moonlight, the entire dome shines in a blazing framework of steel and glass. Mist from the surf, catching the reflected lunar glow, creates a ghostly haze around the structure. We approach the main entrance, crossing a concrete bridge, as the distant sounds of Lycan fury escalates.

Pausing at the large ornate doors, I turn to face Kira with my hands on her shoulders. “On this night fate has brought us together again.” I could feel the centuries of regret and sorrow creep into my expression. “I can’t lose you again!” Flashing that entrancing smirk of hers and placing a comforting hand gently on my chin, Kira replied “You won’t.”

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