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Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Zombie Apocalypse Meets Groundhog Day! REVIEW: Never Say Die, A Zombie Time Loop Story by Kimberly Gould

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4 of 5 stars!
The story is told in first person POV, which I'm not generally fond of but Kimberly Gould does it quite well. The content is rich, not repetitive despite the overlapping style of the plot. 

I found the story engaging, encouraging this reader to flip to the next page just to see what happens next.

*****Potential Spoiler Alert!*****

Ms. Gould nails it as she tells a gripping tale of Cassy and Heph battling against the meat sacks (zombies).

Only, for Cassy it happens again and again, her death being the one thing she relives that seems to restart the clock. (Think Groundhog Day)

The methods she chooses to deal with it, to attempt to survive this time around, are determined by what she perceives to be her mistakes in the last round.

Each time she wakes up on the beach after having her throat ripped out by a meat sack, and every time she seems to remember what went on before, what worked and what didn't, leading her down a path that, hopefully, won't be to her detriment yet again.

There's many emotions, trials and tribulations this author makes her protagonist go through in her structured and detailed world building, each giving its own set of circumstances and detail that leads Cassy to her choices the next time around. Some of these details are pertinent to understanding why Cassy does some of the things she does. I found myself questioning her actions only to realize why shortly thereafter when something works this time around - for a short while anyway.

One thing almost always remains the same, and I liked that it did, despite attacking the issues over and over again her best friend always makes his way back to her side. The two of them may just make it out of this alive yet!
Of course, you'll have to read for yourself to see if that's the case.

There were a few minor editing issues, but nothing to really detract me from the well written and excellently executed content of the story and obviously not truly within the control of the author as this work is under a publisher. This is somewhat unfortunate but even editors are human.

I call this a highly recommended read if you're into the gore and guts of nasty zombies!

Nicely done, Ms. Gould. I do hope I will find future books of this nature from you!

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~ Lady Gina Kincade,
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