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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hump Day Hook - The Hybrid, Book 5, Chapter 1

Hi Everyone!

This week's Hump Day Hook is from book 5 in my WIP of The Hybrid Series. Please be aware this is Unedited.


    The lightning flashed, zig-zagging across the dark sky just as the window coverings slid back into their pockets, revealing the hidden corners in the room and waking Kia from her slumber. The resounding boom of thunder shook the house as she stretched under the white down bed covers. Kia so loved a good storm. It was the best time of year for them in the fall, making it her favorite of all the seasons. Rolling over on her side as the next bolt lit the darkened room, ignoring the rumble of hunger from her abdomen she closed her eyes and listened for the crack that signaled the following thunder. The hard ping of the rain on the roof was more of a lullaby and she drifted in and out of sleep as she remembered... 

 He stood on the cliff watching the white caps of the waves as they rolled in before crashing in a spray of water on the rocks below. His silhouette against the blue-black sky sprinkled with stars was daunting to most, but not her. Kia knew that beneath the muscle bound arms as thick as the thighs of even the largest of mere mortals, the chest that could compare to the large branch of the oak he stood just a few steps away from and the gruff angry tone with which he spoke he was truly a pussycat, easily coerced to do anything she asked of him. She loved him for his kind heart and protective personality despite the scar that he hated so much that marred that beautiful large chest from stem to sternum. The rippled skin where the unskilled doctor had hastily sewn him together in a feeble attempt to save his life was where her fingers inevitably wandered while she stroked his chest.
The first few times he had growled at her, swatting her hand away from the thick red scar, but at her insistence of it not being gruesome as he thought but rather a paramount to his continued life, he grudgingly allowed it.
 He still, after all these years, tensed up at her first tentative touch at the base of his throat, but at her fingers trailed down it, caressing the edges with obvious love he always melted and relaxed again by the time she reached his navel.

 All Rights Reserved, Gina Kincade 2012

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  1. Ooooh nice. Another to add to my TBR once it's done. Always love your work, Mistress ;)

  2. Beautifully written, very well described romantic scene I love it

  3. I have got GOT to read the completed work. This is romance par excellence. Bravo Mistress Gina!



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