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Friday, March 23, 2012

Blackmail, Threats, Coercion & Demands, Will I Bow? Not On Your Life

I received this email the other day from another writer in regard to a review and rating of my honest opinion on his book. I purchased and read the book, proceeded to rate it with a very generous 3.5 rating on Goodreads and the writer took offense.

"To: Gina Kincade
From: Bruce C. Cohen
Re: Goodreads Rating 3/8/12 for Sex Tales From West County: Billy's Tale

You've had your hour per Jacques Brel. This letter is to request that you remove the rating for Sex Tales From West County: Billy's Tale from your Goodreads bookshelf and ratings. http://www.goodreads.com/review/list/3832106-gina?page=2&shelf=read&sort=date_added

If the rating is not removed by noon c.s.t. on Monday, March 19, 2012, I will assume that you would like me to rate and comment on all of NNP's products.

I highly recommend that you and your staff refrain from commenting on my works."

True to his threats in the above email he and his wife have begun a nasty bashing session over on the Goodreads walls that I find very distasteful and not very professsional. Going so far as to change their original rating of a book (of an NNP author) from a 5 to a 1. And this is not a personal attack on the author?? It certainly appears that way to me.

Ken Charles, aka Bruce C. Cohen, is an author with my ePublishing business NNP you see. A very disgruntled one who has threatened, coerced, demanded and attemtped to blackmail NNP into returning the rights to the books we have contracted with him. Why? Assumingly over the cover he disliked. Or perhaps because we turned down his application for our advertised Editor Required position. Or perhaps once the work was properly edited he'd decided our usefulness had come to an end. Who knows why in truth. Petty? Oh yes, very much so.

Bruce C. Cohen has repeatedly attempted to negatively impact NNP's reputation by posting multiple, negative and nonfactual posts, of a legal nature regarding his contract, on his Facebook profile page. In addition he's posted similar comments all over several groups on Facebook in an purposeful attempt to discredit our services because we refused to fall prey to his tactics! One group in particular actually requested that he not "air his dirty laundry" in on their pages.
The proof is in the pudding as they say and emails to NNP admin, our cover designers and marketing personnel will show the malicious nature of Mr. Cohen's posts and his very obvious intentions. The email above is simply the tip of the proverbial iceberg!

Although the disgusting nature with which these actions have been carried out by Mr. Cohen, do bother me (they are totally paralleled to the threats in his emails in fact), what has prompted my blog post today is the manner in which Mr. Cohen and his wife have now begun directly attacking an NNP author. This is just...just... Well I don't even have the words for how sickening this is! I've mostly kept quiet about this until now so as not to fuel the problem and spurn Mr. Cohen on further by acknowledging his juvenile behavior but I am simply astonished at the lengths this man is willing to go to at this point!

What kind of person takes a personal vendetta that should has been left behind closed doors, or better yet - in a court of law to decide, and bashes not only a business but also its writers? What morals are lacking in these attacks? I ask you, could you, would you EVER do such a evil thing to another writer??? Not without some damn severe cause I wouldn't!

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  1. This type of behavior is deplorable, not to mention extremely unprofessional. If this is how he responds to criticism, then he is not going to have a very successful writing career.



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