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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Four Major Things That Can Ruin A Writer's Career

Four major things a writer should NEVER do if they ever hope to succeed in the world of writing:

1. Insult a publisher they are contracted under.
2. Insult a marketing person in charge of promoting their books
3. Insult/put down the editors who are working on their book.
4. Insult the designer creating the cover art for their work.

Do any of these things and you risk being blacklisted as a writer.
Do them all and you have just signed your own guaranteed failure contract.

Follow me for a list of the minor things to accompany this shortly!

1 comment:

  1. Things a start up publisher should never do:

    1) draft a contract setting forth author's rights that it has no intention of following;

    2) Attempt to rewrite the contract that it wrote once it's been caught in multiple "non-compliances";

    3) Take umbrage over legitimate concerns and criticisms;

    3) Insult the author for pointing out concerns over the handling of the author's work. An author is a business partner, not a club member.

    These are the types of actions, inter alia, that get a publisher listed unfavorably on predator and editor sites.