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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Naughty Nights Press (NNP) is calling for Female Domme ebooks.

We want Domme stories told from the Domme POV.  

Let those Mistresses out there give us an inside view of what they do, how it makes them feel to have total control and why they love it so much.  What makes a woman crave dominating her partner(s)? 
Poly relationships welcome.  

Must have a strong romantic plot line, HEA or HFN but main focus on the female Domme sex!

A consensus from our readers told us this is what they crave, what they desire most to read and what they just dont find available yet, let's give it to them!  

Bow to the untapped, hardcore, erotic romance, ebook market and write your Female Domination Ebook and submit to submissions@naughtynightspress.com no later then October 31, 2011.  
Spaces are limited for December 2011 release so preference given to those who submit early!

All submissions are to be saved as follows: Title_YourLegalName_Genre in .doc or .rtf format. No .docx files please.  No exceptions.

12 point regular Times New Roman, single spacing, and one inch margins.  
Please mark chapters with a title "Chapter Five" space only.
No extra spaces, indents, tabs, characters or lines.  
No *** , special headings, other formatting or symbols please.

On the first page of the manuscript please include:
Your Legal Name and Full, Contact Information, Pseudonym if applicable, Title, Genre/Sub-Genre, Word Count, 
Brief (minimum 200 word) Synopsis Of The Book and a
A 50-75 word Biography written in the third person with links to webpage or blog.

Email your polished (no drafts please) full manuscript as an attachment to submissions@naughtynightspress.com with the genre in the subject line.

Maximum of two submissions to NNP at one time.  Separate emails for each please.
If you have submitted your work to other publishers as well, this is acceptable but please keep us updated.

*Please Note:  Although we like to encourage unrestricted, free and creative writing and we encourage those stories that extremely “push the naughty limits”, you must let us know whether the piece contains any questionable content.  We do put disclaimers about content if it could potentially disturb our consumers, so please let us know in advance. 
For example, we allow non-consent/reluctance under certain “role  play”, BDSM or other similar circumstances, but it should not be meant to cause non consensual harm to another character in the story. Writing about child abuse in the past of a character is one thing, but we do not want to read about the nasty details nor have it as part of the stimulation in the work. 
No bestiality except in the obvious specific case of paranormal works.  No children or persons under 18 years of age in sexual acts within the story and no incest content.  We are not interested in father/daughter or the like.  We do not publish works that cross our idea of an invisible line of moral vulgarity in any way.  It's a very fine line.

Please visit our website at http://naughtynightspress.com for more details!

Royalties are 40% net with exclusive rights for 36 months.

Naughty Nights Press 
"Pushing the naughty limits and taking our readers to the next level of eroticism!"

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